how to replace storm door handle

storm with lightening in an urban area
Tools Needed
1 Cordless Drill
2 Drill Bits
3 4-in-1 Screwdriver
4 New Storm Door Handle
Materials Needed
1 New Hinges
2 Level
3 Safety Glasses
4 Hardware For Handle
Total Cost
Find a handyman
Estimated Time
2-3 Hours
Skill Level: Advanced
The total cost and duration may vary when hiring a handyman!

Project Overview

a silver and a bronze storm door handle side by side

Having a storm door is a great idea. If you already have one on your home, it is important to keep an eye on the handle. This part of these doors often breaks quicker than other parts of the door. The best thing to do if you are having issues with your current handle is to put in a whole new storm door handle. This is a very simple project and doesn’t take very long either.

Step-By-Step Instructions


Taking Off The Old Door Handle

Modern silver metal storm door handle system

Before you can replace the storm door handle, you will need to take off the handle you have right now. This is usually put on with two screws. You will need to start by unscrewing those so that you can remove the storm door handle that is broken or not working properly. If you have a very old handle on the door, the screws may be stuck. You can put some WD-40 on the screws to get them loosened so they can be removed.


Buying Your New Storm Door Handle

Two different styles of storm door handles shown side by side

Now that you have removed your current storm door handle, you can start buying the new one. Not every one of these handles is going to be the exact same. If you don’t get the one that matches with your removed handle, things may not match up properly. This may mean you need to drill additional holes which could create problems. The old holes would also need covered. That is far too much work. So, make sure when buying the new handle, you bring in the old one so you can match them up correctly. If you aren’t sure what to look for, you can probably ask one of the store associates and they may be able to help you out. After you have bought your new storm door handle, you can go home and replace the old one.


Assembling the Outer Handle

storm door handleset

Now that you have your new storm door handle, you can start assembling the outer handle. This will have two major parts: the outer and inner handles. The style may vary but generally your outer handle will need to be correctly put together and then you can install it. Your main door handle, push-button, shaft, plastic hold down and spring will need put together. You will insert a push button into the handle’s back and a spring is placed onto the shaft. You will then place your shaft into the storm door handle’s button. Then, the spring goes on top of its shaft so that it is sitting on the base bottom. After you have accomplished this step, you can put the piece which is plastic onto the handle’s shaft and push it down until everything is situation properly.


Install the New Handle

white storm door with brown storm door handle

After you have gotten the outer part of your handle put together, you just need to install the inner and outer parts of the storm door handle. Grab the outer handle and put it in line with the door’s hole. It should be a perfect match. Hold it there while putting the inner handle in line with the proper hole on the door. You will then put the screws into the inner handle. These should line up through the outer handle so they can be screwed in together. If there are other instructions that came with your new storm door handle, finish those up as well.


Checking the Door Handle

brown storm door with silver storm door handle

Once you have finished replacing the storm door handle, you can check it. You will want to make sure the door first opens and closes without a problem. If the handle hasn’t been attached properly, it may get stuck when trying to close or open the door. After you have done this while the door is unlocked, check to make sure the handle doesn’t open when it is locked. As long as everything has been attached properly, everything should be in working order with your new storm door handle.


There are different parts of the storm door. While not every door is the exact same, the parts are generally very similar. Sometimes you just need to replace the hinges on your door, sometimes you need to replace the entire lockset and other times you just need to replace the handle. If your door is older and you want an entirely new style, you can even replace the entire door. Replacing a storm door handle doesn’t take much time and it is an easy project to do. If you have any problems finding the correct handle at the store, ask the associates. Someone may be able to assist you with this. Keep in mind, if the handle on your storm door is worn out or broken, your home won’t be as secure. You need to make sure this handle isn’t loose or damaged. If it is, immediately get a new one and replace it by following the steps mentioned above.

How To Replace Storm Door Handle

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