how to remove shower doors

Shower Door Being Removed
Tools Needed
1 Gloves
2 Rubber Mallet
3 Screwdriver
4 Drill
5 Caulk gun
6 Miter Saw
7 Claw hammer
8 Silicone caulk
9 Masking tape
10 Caulk remover tool
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Materials Needed
1 Shower Door
2 Shower Door Hardware
3 Plastic Bags
Total Cost
Find a handyman
Estimated Time
2-4 Hours
Skill Level: Advanced
The total cost and duration may vary when hiring a handyman!

Project Overview

Person Removing A Shower Door

Although many people use shower curtains to keep water inside the tub during their shower, many bathrooms still use shower doors. These doors offer a uniquely sophisticated ambiance to the room, but they’re not right for every homeowner. If you’re one of those people who hates the idea of shower doors, it is time to learn how to remove shower doors and replace with a new shower rod and curtain. Of course, if you are a lover of the shower door, you can keep them up, but may wish to remove them to clean. If shower doors aren’t properly cleaned, buildup of mold, mildew, soap scum, and other gunk can cause a stomach-turning scene fairly quickly.

No matter why it is time to remove the shower doors from the tub, the step-by-step instructions below simplify the removal process, turning this into one of the easiest DIY jobs you’ll ever experience. Learn how to remove shower doors and in just a few short hours, you’ll easily complete this fun, yet tedious, project.

Step-By-Step Instructions


Remove the Panels

Shower Door

Although you’re eager to remove the shower door, don’t rush the job and cause yourself more hassle and added work. An efficient job is conducted at a steady pace; don’t try to rush through things!

Put on the gloves and let the work begin! First step is removing the shower door panels. This is a simple step, but the overall shower door removal process is fairly simple as well. Tedious is a better word for the job.

Remove the outside panel from the shower door first. Grip the door tightly using both hands. Using both hands prevents you from dropping the panel and ensures that you can handle the weight of the shower doors. Some are considerably heavy!

Once you’ve gripped the door, gently lift to raise it free from the bottom track. Once the panel releases, tilt it slightly toward you, pulling in a downward motion to release the panel from the top track.  Repeat this process with the interior shower panel.

Removal of the panels is simple, so if you find them hard or impossible to remove, look to see if screws are holding the panels in place.  Sometimes, two or three screws (on either side) hold the panels in place. Quick removal of the screws is easy with the drill.


Loosen the Door Jambs

Removing A Shower Door

Avoid prolonged cleanup and potential damage to the shower door by placing a drop cloth in the tub before you begin loosening the door jambs. If you don’t already own a drop cloth, they’re fairly affordable and sold online and at many home improvement retailers.

Use a claw hammer and screwdriver to loosen the screws that hold the side jamb together with the wall. Use a utility knife to make a slit where the caulk and jamb join, and a second on the inside of the jamb. Use your screwdriver and claw hammer to loosen the screws holding the side jamb together with the wall.  A utility knife can easily cut the outside of the jamb; make a cut where the jamb and caulk join and a second on the inside of the jamb. A putty knife placed in the cuts grooves can remove the caulk with a simple tap from a hammer. Repeat steps for the second jamb.


Remove the Bottom Track

Shower Door Frame

Removing the bottom track is as simple as making the same cuts that you made above. This helps loosen the caulking. Use the same removal techniques as used in step two above also, using  a putty knife and hammer to remove the caulk. Once gone, remove the track and place it to the side. If you’re replacing the shower doors, you’ll need the track to reapply later.

Masking tape is a great solution for those screws you’re removing, holding them neatly in place while separating them for each side of the door.  Just lay the screws on the sticky side of the tape. Since masking tape has low-tacking, there won’t be sticky residue left behind.


Remove Excess Caulk

Shower Doors

Caulk will likely be left behind around the tub with the shower doors and all the materials down. Use your caulk remover to soften the caulk, and your pry bar and caulk remover to complete the removal process after the softener has set for half-hour. If you’re replacing the shower doors with a rod and curtain, recaulking the area before proceeding is important.


Removing shower doors is one of the easiest DIY jobs you’ll ever tackle, despite being a bit tedious for most people. Whenever there is caulk involved, you can almost always expect a tedious job! Nevertheless, removing the shower doors isn't at all difficult and can be done in just a couple hours time.

Why pay someone else to do the job when you know how to remove shower doors the easy way?

How To Remove Shower Doors

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