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Iron Security Doors

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Top Three Shopping TipsIron Security Doors

A home’s security is always a homeowner’s top priority. Your home can be designed perfectly, and built wonderfully, but if your home isn'tsecure, what’s the point? Aside from purchasing a sturdy front door and a security system that meets your needs, an added home security measure is an iron security door.

Today’s iron security doors are not the harsh doors with intimidating iron bars of the past. They have evolved into beautiful doors that add personality as well as security to a home. There are many options to choose from. Using these three shopping tips can help you narrow down your search for the perfect iron security door.

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Cream Wall Blue Door Dark Floor

Narrow down the design

The two most common security-door materials are iron and steel. Both materials offer up a large range of designs that complement any personality. While this is a good thing, it can feel overwhelming. Before starting your security door search, take a look at the exterior of your home. What are the primary colors? What is the overall design feel? Is your home elegant? Is your home rustic? Narrowing down what your design needs are can help reduce the stress that can accompany having too many options to choose from. Remember, while this is a door that enhances your home’s security, it should enhance your home aesthetically as well.

Blue Wall Grey Door Grey Floor

Features to look for

Because security is the name of the game in regards to purchasing an iron security door, there are certain features to look before making a purchase. Standard door screws are too short to provide adequate security measures are can easily allow for a door to be kicked in. For an iron security door, using screws that are at least 3” in length and installing locks that are high-quality can exponentially increase the overall security of your door. Iron bars do little to protect against kicking a door down if the door’s screws are not the appropriate length and if the door does not have a strong and sturdy lock.

Yellow Wall Black Door Red Floor

Maintenance is key

Because you are purchasing an iron security door, you do not have to worry about the door being warped by inclement weather. With that being said, iron can rust. Keeping up with regular maintenance is important, especially if you live somewhere that is wet or humid. Checking your door for rust regularly, as well as its hardware for rust and overall ease of function, can help you fix any damage before it becomes a bigger, more costly problem. Another option that cuts down on how often you need to maintain your iron security door is buying a door that is powder-coated. Cured with heat, powder-coating lasts longer than paint and does not require as much maintenance as paint requires.


Be Better Informed about Iron Security Doors

Home security is likely one of your primary concerns if you’re a homeowner. There are infinite ways to make your home safer, but for your exterior doors, a prime choice are iron security doors. You can choose security doors in any material, of course, but you might choose iron for:

  • trusted security
  • dazzling design
  • energy efficiency

Iron security doors can be more expensive than doors made of other materials, but your initial investment is an investment. You’ll get many years of use out of iron security doors before you’ll even have to think about replacing them, which makes them a smart buy for most homeowners. If you’re hesitant because you think your style choices will be limited, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the variety of options.

Iron Security Doors
Iron Security Doors

Choosing The Colors

When you think of iron security doors, your first thoughts may be of wrought iron, so you’re thinking you have options for color: matte black or glossy. However, iron security doors come in a way wider range of color choices than that. Black is, of course, always available, but if you’d like something a little less harsh, you’re in luck.

If you’d like something dark but not black, iron security doors can be made in dark brown shades. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, they can also be made in lighter brown shades like almond or even as light as white. And they don’t stop there. For something with a lot more dazzle, you can choose “vein” colors, solid color doors shot through with metallic veins—almost like marble.

Iron Security Doors

Don’t Forget the Design

Color choices are only one part of the design options with iron security doors. The variety of metal designs is limited only to your imagination. If you’re more conservative or looking for something to fit a more classic home, there are simpler designs like plain bars or other geometric options. However, if you’d like something with a little more flair, your choices are wide open.

On the simpler end, you have designs with scrollwork or basic floral elements. Designs can get much more elaborate from there. You can find anything from stars and animal accents to full landscape scenes. If you’re searching for an easy way to add curb appeal, a beautifully designed iron security door may be the solution for you.

Iron Security Doors

Keeping It Maintained

Iron security doors should do well in most weather, unless they’re frequently exposed to high levels of salt in the air or a lot of moisture. In that case, they can wear down, but in most conditions, they won’t crack or warp like doors made of fiberglass or wood. Like any metal, they are vulnerable to rust, but you can prevent rusting by repairing any scratches or other damage as soon as possible.

Another way you should prepare your iron security door is by weather-proofing it. Most iron security doors are made with insulation, like foam insulation, to keep them as energy efficient as possible, but that won’t stop all heat or cooling loss. To keep your home energy costs down, look into installing weatherstripping to stop air from escaping.

Questions And Answers

How do you reinforce a door?

To reinforce your door you should remove your old locks and replace them use a grade 1 or 2 deadbolt metal lock. You should also replace the strike plates of lower quality with a high-quality, heavy-duty plate. The really great places have four screws to secure them, minimum 3" length.

How do you secure sliding glass doors?

There are several ways that you can secure sliding glass doors. The first is to make sure that you have locks at more than one point. There should be a lock at the bottom of the door and the door handled. You can install a bar also for extra protection.

How do you fix a door that won t latch?

If your door will not latch the most common cause is that it is out of alignment. If you are able to look at the door and determine that it needs to be aligned then there are techniques that you can use to make the door line back up.

What is an Addalock?

An Addalock is a locking device that is portable. You can easily install and remove the lock in only a few seconds from any inward opening door. This allows you extra privacy after you have closed the door. This is a great lock for hotels, rental units, and students.

What is a door stop alarm?

A door stop alarm allows you to take security with you on the go. This alarm is activated once pressure has been applied to the device and the door is opened. There is a trigger switch that will sound the alarm after the door has been opened, therefore preventing bypassing.

How do I cut a hole for a door knob?

When installing a doorknob you will need to drill two holes. One hole will be for the doorknob itself and the other hole will be for the latch. The actual drilling process will be determined based on the material of door that you have. It is a fairly simple process.

What does a door jammer do?

A door jammer is a simple, yet very effective way to keep your home or business secure. It helps with protecting your home or building from burglars.

How can I make my front door more secure?

There are many ways you can make your front door more secure. Having a door jammer installed and installing a steel door are two of the ways you can do this.

How do you lock a door from the inside?

You can lock a door from the inside in various ways. The inside lock may have a twist and turn lock. It may have a button lock. You may also have a deadbolt or key lock as well.

How do you install a security door?

You will measure the door’s size. Put on the handles and locks. Measure where the hinges should go and mark the spots. Square out the door jamb. Drill and attach your hinges. Mark a spot for door’s striker, drill holes and attach it.

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How To Replace A Door Frame

How To Reinforce A Door Frame

You can do a lot to secure your exterior doors. But, if you don’t reinforce your door frame, it could all be for naught.

One switch kick could cause the door frame to give way, making the locks effectively a non-issue. Luckily, the majority of homeowners can reinforce a door frame with just a few basic tools and a little bit of time.

How To Secure A Front Door

How To Secure A Front Door

Your front door is your first line of defense between you and the outside world. It serves as a protective barrier, preventing intruders from accessing the interior of your home.

But, since a door’s primary function is to provide an access point into your house, it also creates an inherent security risk. Luckily, there are many things you can do to secure a front door more effectively than you are today.

Depending on your current door configuration, you may not need to complete all of these steps. But, if you’re dealing with a basic builder grade door and lock, then these upgrades can make a significant difference.

how to secure a door from being kicked in

How To Secure A Door From Being Kicked In

We can have many concerns when it comes to our homes. Are they energy efficient? Is everything in good repair? Is this a neighborhood near good schools? Those are just a few of the worries we may have. However, while we can control or manage many of the concerns we have with our homes, home security may seem like something that’s a matter of luck. That’s not exactly true, though. While we can never control what other people, especially strangers, do, we can take steps to make our homes less attractive to would-be burglars and we can take steps to make our homes more secure.

These steps may range from installing top-of-the-line home security systems to making sure our exterior property is well-lit. We can also secure the home itself, by installing quality locks, for example. One of the easiest ways to secure our homes is by making the entrances harder to breach. You can do that by securing your doors from being kicked in. It’s a simple project to complete and depending on the methods you choose, even a beginner to home improvement can do it.

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Sliding Security Door In Gray Color

Sliding Security Doors

Sliding security doors complement any home’s interior, offering quick and easy access to the backyard as well as enjoyment of various weather conditions. The doors allow the sunshine to come inside while offering appeal and style. There are also several styles of sliding security doors to choose from, including mesh-less and meshed designs. The doors come in many materials and with various levels of reinforcement for your protection and safety. You’ll be able to choose from steel, fiberglass, aluminum or other frame material along with different hardware finishes. You may decide that you want a wrought iron grille installed which will enhance its appearance too. After you have looked at all your options, you’ll be able to rest easier and the installation will ensure you are safe and secure while having the option to let the fresh air flow throughout your home. read more

Several Options available

Special Security Sliding Door Film


Sliding Security Doors In Different Styles


Strong Sliding Security Door
beautiful security front door with custom ironwork

Cheap Security Doors

Your home, office, or apartment building secures your belongings and family. However, these structures cannot do their job effectively in case the doors are not able to keep criminals out. Most modern security doors use door strike reinforcers, deadbolt locks, security chains or security alarms in order to prevent unlawful entry. Doors with peepholes or windows, along with the use of security cameras, provide many homeowners the ability to effectively screen different visitors before a burglar can pick the lock and come into their home. But, an important thing to remember when buying a security door is that its ability to keep out intruders is not solely dependent on its deadbolt, lock, or chain. Rather, the door’s structural durability and strength is crucial to prevent the risk of unauthorized access.   Because of this, some of the best security doors are often made of solid hardwood or metal. When buying a security door, always remember that doors made of plywood or composite materials just are not sturdy and durable enough to make sure your loved ones or family is safe.  As they lack in structural strength, intruders can break into your home by ramming through or kicking in the door.  The most intimidating deterrent is a heavy and visibly thick door that has a robust frame. An effective security door is the right way to send a clear message to potential criminals that your home or office is not going to be an easy mark. To help you make the right buying decision, we will discuss some common types of security doors. read more

Steel Security Doors

security door with planters on both sides

Aluminum Security Doors

rounded top iron security doors with an ironwork inlay design

Wrought Iron Security Doors 

security door on the side of a home
Front Door Security Bars

Front Door Security Bar

Having your home protected and secure is one of the most important things you can do. There are many locksets, deadbolts and other ways you can secure your home. One of the ways you can feel the safest is by getting a front door security bar. It may not seem like you need to do anything drastic but there is nothing drastic about keeping your family and home protected. These security bars are more common than you might think. These bars are durable and made from steel. You can get them for almost any door. The advantages you get from having them are tremendous. The front door is the first thing someone sees when passing by your home. When there is a security bar on it, you’re telling everyone you value what you have inside the home, as well as telling would-be intruders they will have difficulty getting to your family and valuables. If you want the best ways to protect and secure your home and keep your family protected as well, you should get a front door security bar. read more


bar for front door security

Varying Lengths and Adjustable

best door security bar

Alarms for Additional Protection

Front Door Security Bar
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