Iron Security Doors

Iron Security Doors

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Be Better Informed about Iron Security Doors

Home security is likely one of your primary concerns if you’re a homeowner. There are infinite ways to make your home safer, but for your exterior doors, a prime choice are iron security doors. You can choose security doors in any material, of course, but you might choose iron for:

  • trusted security
  • dazzling design
  • energy efficiency

Iron security doors can be more expensive than doors made of other materials, but your initial investment is an investment. You’ll get many years of use out of iron security doors before you’ll even have to think about replacing them, which makes them a smart buy for most homeowners. If you’re hesitant because you think your style choices will be limited, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the variety of options.

Iron Security Doors
Iron Security Doors

Choosing The Colors

When you think of iron security doors, your first thoughts may be of wrought iron, so you’re thinking you have options for color: matte black or glossy. However, iron security doors come in a way wider range of color choices than that. Black is, of course, always available, but if you’d like something a little less harsh, you’re in luck.

If you’d like something dark but not black, iron security doors can be made in dark brown shades. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, they can also be made in lighter brown shades like almond or even as light as white. And they don’t stop there. For something with a lot more dazzle, you can choose “vein” colors, solid color doors shot through with metallic veins—almost like marble.

Iron Security Doors

Don’t Forget the Design

Color choices are only one part of the design options with iron security doors. The variety of metal designs is limited only to your imagination. If you’re more conservative or looking for something to fit a more classic home, there are simpler designs like plain bars or other geometric options. However, if you’d like something with a little more flair, your choices are wide open.

On the simpler end, you have designs with scrollwork or basic floral elements. Designs can get much more elaborate from there. You can find anything from stars and animal accents to full landscape scenes. If you’re searching for an easy way to add curb appeal, a beautifully designed iron security door may be the solution for you.

Iron Security Doors

Keeping It Maintained

Iron security doors should do well in most weather, unless they’re frequently exposed to high levels of salt in the air or a lot of moisture. In that case, they can wear down, but in most conditions, they won’t crack or warp like doors made of fiberglass or wood. Like any metal, they are vulnerable to rust, but you can prevent rusting by repairing any scratches or other damage as soon as possible.

Another way you should prepare your iron security door is by weather-proofing it. Most iron security doors are made with insulation, like foam insulation, to keep them as energy efficient as possible, but that won’t stop all heat or cooling loss. To keep your home energy costs down, look into installing weatherstripping to stop air from escaping.

Questions And Answers

How do you install a security door?
You will measure the door’s size. Put on the handles and locks. Measure where the hinges should go and mark the spots. Square out the door jamb. Drill and attach your hinges. Mark a spot for door’s striker, drill holes and attach it.
How do you reinforce a door?
To reinforce your door you should remove your old locks and replace them use a grade 1 or 2 deadbolt metal lock. You should also replace the strike plates of lower quality with a high-quality, heavy-duty plate. The really great places have four screws to secure them, minimum 3" length.
How do I cut a hole for a deadbolt in a metal door?
You will get a hole saw to drill into the steel. This cuts the hole for where you install the deadbolt. A spade then cuts the hole in the door’s side to place the latch.
What is an Addalock?
An Addalock is a locking device that is portable. You can easily install and remove the lock in only a few seconds from any inward opening door. This allows you extra privacy after you have closed the door. This is a great lock for hotels, rental units, and students.
How do you fix a door that won t latch?
If your door will not latch the most common cause is that it is out of alignment. If you are able to look at the door and determine that it needs to be aligned then there are techniques that you can use to make the door line back up.
What is a door stop alarm?
A door stop alarm allows you to take security with you on the go. This alarm is activated once pressure has been applied to the device and the door is opened. There is a trigger switch that will sound the alarm after the door has been opened, therefore preventing bypassing.
How do you secure sliding glass doors?
There are several ways that you can secure sliding glass doors. The first is to make sure that you have locks at more than one point. There should be a lock at the bottom of the door and the door handled. You can install a bar also for extra protection.
How do you lock a door from the inside?
You can lock a door from the inside in various ways. The inside lock may have a twist and turn lock. It may have a button lock. You may also have a deadbolt or key lock as well.
What is the average price for security doors?
The prices range greatly for security doors. The price varies based on durability, thickness of material used, the brand and more. The average cost, however, is between $400 and $600.
What does a door jammer do?
A door jammer is a simple, yet very effective way to keep your home or business secure. It helps with protecting your home or building from burglars.
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All Security Doors

Security doors used to consist of wrought-iron gates that locked the entrance to your property and have been missing from mainstream construction for some time. Security doors are once again becoming a popular addition to modern homes. They offer an added layer of protection to your home, family, or business, without the ongoing costs of more expensive security options such as alarm systems. Many security doors have the additional benefit of being fully or partially screened, which can allow light and fresh air in while leaving the primary door open and still maintaining safety. Made with strong durable materials and designed with security in mind, security doors are a fantastic choice for upgrading the front of your home or business. There are a variety of design options that range from elegant to modern or rustic. Whether you’re installing a new security door, or replacing an existing screen door, you can easily customize your door to match your home’s architectural style and your personal tastes. We’ve put together a list of things to consider when you’re selecting the perfect door for your needs. read more

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Security Door Lock

Security Door Locks

High-quality security door locks are indispensable in today’s age. They provide security and safety like no other tool or appliance. Door locks act as barriers and ensure the safety of your home or workspace while maintaining privacy. Efficiency and pricing are important considerations if you are looking for door locks for your home. Nearly two million homes are broken into each year; therefore, fully understanding the specific differences between varying types of security door locks can help you make an informed decision for your home or workspace. Additionally, in case you are in the door lock installation business or a locksmith, understanding these crucial details can help you make informed decisions for your customers as well as enhance your ability to maintain them making yourself even more valuable to them and your community. The number of lock options can be overwhelming for many people. There are various kinds of door locks and many security factors and finishes to take into consideration before buying. We will discuss the different kinds of security door locks you should consider in order to buy the system that is best for your needs. read more


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Knob and Lever Handle Locks

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Average Priced Security Doors

Security doors are a great addition to any home, and they are guaranteed to provide extra protection, no matter the price. However, less expensive doors need additional maintenance and may be less attractive, and if the door will definitely protect the way it is supposed to, you should definitely minimize costs where possible. Consider the wants and needs that you have, and figure out where you can cut back. For example, if you don’t mind less airflow, then you might not mind a thicker frame, or if you don’t mind doing a little more maintenance on the door, then you might choose a less expensive material. read more


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