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What is the Preview Tool?

Ever wish you could see what the door would look like at your home before you forked over your hard earned cash? Well, thanks to our innovative and proprietary Preview Tool your wish is now a reality! Using our preview tool you are able to quickly, easily and realistically see what a door would look like at your house by quickly uploading a picture of your house or room, and then quickly clicking through all the different door styles and colors to see which you like the best.

Easily browse through different brands, styles, materials, colors, sizes and configurations while only uploading your picture once. The Preview Tool will automatically resize and display the different door solutions you click on in real-time so you can get a good idea of what the door will look like in full color in the setting it will be installed so you know you are making the right decision!

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The Preview Tool is built for speed, and there isn’t anything you need to download or install. Simply click on the Preview Tool icon when you see a door solution you like. The Preview Tool will automatically launch (don’t worry you won’t lose the page you’re on), and you can start using the tool right away.


These days we do most things on our mobile phone. While something like a door project might be better served to see on a desktop or laptop computer with a bigger screen we still have a quick and effective Preview Tool system special designed for mobile phone access.

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Shopping for a door could be hard when there aren’t really any good ways to visualize what it would look like with my current siding, and landscaping. The preview tool gave me a good glimpse as to... ​‌​‌”
User Gallery
The preview tool that doors.com has is really something special. It’s so easy to use, and really gave me a good idea of what the door would look like before I had to spend money on the door. This... ​‌​‌”
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