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A Buyer’s Guide to Double Pocket Doors

If you have a smaller home or simply don’t want to sacrifice usable floor space, double pocket doors can be a great way to divide interior rooms. Plus, you don’t have to commit any wall space to their operation as you would with options like barn doors, making them a wise choice if you prefer to showcase art on those surfaces.

Double pocket doors are available in a variety of styles, including:

  • Flush
  • Panel
  • Glass

Additionally, they can be purchased in a range of materials, including numerous solid wood varieties or hollow core composites. You’ll also find a broad selection of hardware options. This allows you to select doors that not only meet your style needs but also fit your budget.

Living Room


Typically, double pocket doors are either hollow-core or solid wood. Hollow-core options are substantially lighter, making them physically easier to install. Plus, the majority of hardware options for installing hollow-core double pocket doors can easily bear their weight. Wood double pocket doors or those featuring glass are notably heavier than their hollow-core counterparts, so heavy duty hardware is usually required.

However, many people prefer the look of wood and glass, especially in interior spaces where maintenance and energy concerns aren’t as significant. Generally, hollow-core options will be the least expensive. But, if you prefer wood, you can find some lower cost options if you are flexible about the species. For example, pine tends to be cheaper than oak or cherry, and can often be stained to resemble a different type of wood, giving you the ability to save money and still achieve the desired look.

Sliding Glass


Double pocket doors are available in a range of styles, ranging for minimalist to industrial to rustic to traditional. In most cases, contemporary designs are fairly clean, featuring either flush surfaces or only basic panels and a limited about of decorative trim. Traditional versions tend to be more ornate, featuring multiple panels and trim details. Rustic double pocket doors most commonly involve natural wood and potentially unrefined elements.

Industrial variants may be somewhat minimalist or rustic, though their hardware gives them an edge. All varieties of doors can feature glass and still adhere to their general style, though double pocket doors with intricate glass designs are usually considered more traditional and frosted glass may seem more contemporary.

Oak Sliding Pocket Doors With Clear Glass Windows


If you are adding double pocket doors to an area and not replacing existing ones, you will usually benefit from purchasing a kit or a pre-assembled unit. These come with all of the hardware and tracks necessary to complete the installation, though pre-assembled units also come with the doors themselves, the jamb, and a pre-made cage.

Using a kit means it will take more work to get the double pocket doors installed since the pieces aren’t pre-assembled, though you may get to choose from a broader selection options. However, it’s important to note that installing double pocket doors for the first time generally requires opening up your walls, so you may need to consult with a professional if you aren’t comfortable with that level of construction.

Questions And Answers

How do you install a pocket door in an existing wall?
To install a pocket door in an existing wall, you will cut out the opening size you want. After that, you create a door frame. Lastly, you can install the pocket door into that opening.
What is the cheapest pocket door?
The average prices for pocket doors are between $300 and $800. However, you can get these doors for a lower price, depending on where you get it from.
What is a pocket door for?
Pocket doors have a couple of different uses. The first reason that people use pocket doors is for conserving space. A pocket door allows the door to slide into the wall, thus reducing the need for floor space. Pocket doors also offer an architectural effect that many people enjoy.
How do you adjust a pocket door?
You will need a flashlight and a ladder to be able to look at the rollers. Most rollers you can adjust using a screwdriver or an open-end wrench. If you can't gain access you will need to remove the trim as well as the top casing.
How do you install a pocket door lock?
You make sure the door is closed. Mark the location where you want the lock. Trace a lock template on the door. Cut through the template and install the door lock onto the pocket door.
What color are the pocket doors?
The color of pocket doors will vary depending on where you are getting the door from. There are the basic colors, but you can get custom colored pocket doors as well.
How do you put in a pocket door?
You will cut out an opening. Then, you will create the frame. From there, you can get the door installed into the opening you had created.
How much does it cost to put in a pocket door?
A pocket door installation will cost you a minimum of about $400 dollars, that is for materials as well as labor. This is referring to an installation that is straightforward dealing with new construction or if your walls were removed for a remodel. The price can greatly increase from here.
Can you put a lock on a pocket door?
Yes, you can put a lock on a pocket door. You will just need to trace the lock template onto the door, so you can make sure it gets placed in the door correctly.
How do I change a pocket door to a regular door?
You will take off the molding. Then, you cut and patch the drywall where needed. You can then replace the trim. After that, you can install the regular door.
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 pocket door in a beautiful home

How To Take Off A Pocket Door

For homeowners with limited space or for those who crave unique aesthetic style, pocket doors serve the need perfectly. Pocket doors are frameless and hollow inside, and while similar to other sliding doors, set themselves apart from the competition because they attach to the top of the door using hangars. When the door is completely opened, it is out of sight, saving space as it adds character and ambiance to your area.

Knowing how to take off a pocket door is wise because the doors can sustain a variety of damages that require proper repair to keep it working as it should. Over time, wear and tear to the door and its accompanying parts can cause the door inability to slide across the track properly, damaged pieces, and other hassles. Hiring a handyman to complete the repair work to revive the door back to working condition  is unnecessary. For most people, it’s easy to take off a pocket door themselves, with just a few tools needed, and begin those repairs.

Using the step-by-step instructions below, homeowners can learn how to take off a pocket door and complete the project themselves in about half a day. Once the door is removed, making repairs or replacing the door with an updated style is simple. The instructions below also help you replace the door after you’ve made the repairs needed Gather tools needed to remove the pocket door before the project begins. Only a few items are needed for this task, so ensure that you’re prepared ahead of time. Follow these instructions to remove -and replace- a pocket door, making any necessary repairs during the process.

side view of an sliding pocket door showing the handle and locking mechanism

How To Adjust A Pocket Door

Pocket doors are handy. They slide easily on tracks into the wall cavity. They are put into the upper portion of your door frame. These are great for saving space since they go into your wall instead of swinging outwards. This way you don’t need to have extra space in your room.

You can put your furniture wherever you see fit since the door won’t swing out to the wall. If you have a dragging pocket door or it won’t close correctly, it is time to adjust your pocket door. It can easily be raised so this isn’t a problem any longer. This home improvement project is quite easy and you don’t need much time to get it done.

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large pocket doors

Large Pocket Doors

Large pocket doors are not only visually appealing, they are extremely functional, adding privacy in spaces where the traditional hinged or swing door may not fit. Pocket doors slide and fit into a cavity in the wall, so they move completely out of your way providing a much larger access than other types of doors. While the doors are unique and stylish, they’re not appropriate for every location in the home. Many people use the doors on laundry room entrances, pantries, home offices, and elsewhere. Generally, these doors are flat panels that glide on a track disappearing into your wall. The doors are sold in a variety of sizes, with an array of materials, colors, and hardware options that allow magnificent customization of your space. Choose from wood that matches or complements your own house woodwork and select hardware that makes it very easy to operate. read more


large sliding pocket door in a living room

Door Construction

large single pocket door for a bathroom


large pocket doors for a house
Exterior pocket door

Exterior Pocket Doors

Exterior Pocket Doors – What Are the Benefits of Using Them? There are various types of doors that you can add onto your home. Some of them are interior doors and some are exterior doors. When you are considering the exterior doors for your home, think about getting pocket doors. The exterior pocket doors are sliding doors that slide open into your walls. These reduce the space a door would take up on the floors of a room, if they were to open inward and cause you to move furniture on the patio when they open outward. There are many other benefits of these doors as well. Consider where you want to place furniture vs. where you must place it because of the door opening processes. It’s your home and you should be able to place it rather than the house dictating where they go. As you see, these are great benefits to have with the doors on your home. Make sure to get yourself exterior pocket doors as soon as your exterior doors need to be replaced or better yet, include them in your initial investment as you plan to build fresh. read more

More Space

pocket door exterior wall

Added Convenience

exterior pocket doors

Better Look

exterior pocket door hardware
pocket door with glass panels

Pocket Doors With Glass Panels

Pocket doors with glass panels offer a space-saving solution in areas of the home you want to seperate, but cannot do so with a traditional door. Pocket doors easily fit into spaces you may not have thought could hold a door. Place these doors between the kitchen and dining room, as a patio entrance and exit, and anywhere else that limited space prevents door placement. The added glass on the doors provide more versatile usage for the doors, inviting the beauty of the great outdoors inside the home while adding a unique look to the area. When the door is opened, the glass slides into the pocket and is completely invisible to the eye. read more


pocket door with frosted glass

Glass Style

etched glass pocket door


frameless glass pocket doors
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