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Large Electronic Type Pet Door in Black on Mahogany Color
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Estimated Price: $99.00+


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Questions And Answers

Do pet doors work?

Yes, pet doors do work. Just show your pet a few times that the door is there, and then they will begin to go in and out as if the pet door has been there all along. You and your pet will both reap the benefits of a pet door.

How much does it cost to put in a doggie door?

The average cost of a hinged pet door across the country is about $154. For those looking to add a glass pet door, the cost on average is around $247. If you need to install the pet door in a wall the average cost is around $206.

How secure are dog doors?

How secure the door is will depend on the type of dog door that you purchase. Some doors have built-in security features that will only allow the pets that you permit to enter and exit the pet door that you have. Other doors allow you to set times for access.

How do you train a dog to use a doggie door?

Training your dog to use the doggie door is not difficult. You can entice your dog to go through the door a few times. Let them see that the door is there for them to use. Before too long, your dog will understand that he can use this door.

how do I measure my dog to determine the pet door size?

Measure the widest part of your pet and add about two inches for safety reasons. You can also allow your pet to walk through the door to get the width, again adding two inches. Now, measure from the shoulders of your pet to the ground. This is the height.

Can you use a dog door for cats?

Yes, a dog door can be used for cats. They might need to be trained how to use the door and not all cats will enjoy using the dog door.

How do you install a pet door?

To install this door, measure your dog’s or cat’s height at shoulders near your door. Take door off and put template for pet door on it. Drill in holes at corners of template. Check proper fit and install the flap or door. Hang your door back on hinges.

How do I install a pet door?

Installing a pet door doesn’t take a lot of work. You take the door off, after measuring your pet’s shoulder height near it. Trace the template on the door, drill in the holes and cut out the template you drew. Install the door and hang door back on its hinges.

is installing a pet door hard to do?

Installing a pet door does take quite a bit of work. You will need to place a template on the door and make sure the cut is exact, so the pet door fits correctly.

Should you get a pet door?

If you have a pet, then yes, you should get a pet door. Your pet deserves to have some freedom and be able to get outdoors when they need and want to.

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pet door

How To Install A Pet Door

Unless, you have a pet who can wait hours and hours to go outside to relieve themselves, you are going to run into some problems. Are you tired of having to run your pet outside hour after hour? Maybe you even have a pet that won’t go poop and pee at the same time so you must take them out even more. If you feel like a slave for your pet, it is time to learn how to install a pet door. Once you have the pet door installed, you are going to feel more like your pet is a member of the family instead of a constant reminder that you never get to sit down and just enjoy them.

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screen door with dog door

Sliding Screen Door With Dog Door

Are you looking for a new sliding screen door for your home? Is your old one worn or all scratched up? Have you been reluctant to purchase one for fear that your animal will not be able to get in and out? The good news is that you can now find sliding screen doors with dog door. This means that your pet will be able to gain access to the outside and you can finally have that nice screen door that you have been thinking about. When you have a fenced in yard, the freedom to run around back there is great for the kids and your pets need easy access to the outdoors, just like we do. When your pet is able independently transition from outdoors to indoors your life suddenly becomes much easier. You don’t have to jump up from the sofa where you’re relaxing with a good book to let the dog out, only to find that before you get back to your seat he’s ready to come back in. No more waking up in the middle of night to take Fido out for his late-night bathroom break, instead you can stay in bed and your pet can handle his own business. But, what do you need to consider before buying? read more

Animal Size

screen door with doggy door

Door Size

sliding screen door with pet door


sliding screen door with dog door built in
electronic dog door

Electronic Dog Door

Keeping your dog inside all day can backfire in several ways, which is harmful to you and your pet. Many pet owners make the excuse of not being at home all day to let their pet out of the house for a while. By keeping your pet inside you limit their ability to move around and less exercise can lead to unhealthy pets. Even the most well-trained pet can have an accident and piddle if left too long so the electronic dog door may be just what is needed to keep you both happy. On the other hand, it can also be bad for your house since keeping them locked in results in problem-related behavior such as ruining furniture and sneaking into the fridge. Your door is likely to suffer the most in appearance due to scratches from the paws of pets that want to get out. A viable option to consider is a dog door that can allow your dog the freedom to go outdoors and interact with nature while taking care of business. All of this can contribute to a mentally and physically healthy pet, but what about the potential dangers of uninvited animals entering through the dog door. If your neighborhood is notorious for such animal invasions, then it may be best to opt for an electronic dog door. read more

More Security and Safety

electronic dog door large

Save Energy and Increase Value

wifi dog door

Can Be Programmed

extra large electronic dog door
Medium dog doors

Medium Dog Doors

Dog doors can come in an array of sizes. Some manufacturers offer them in limited sizes—usually just small, medium, and large. However, other manufacturers offer an even greater variety of sizes, sizes that account for dogs that may be taller and/or wider than other dogs, even other dogs of their breed. This all may seem overwhelming, but it’s not as confusing as it sounds. With just a little bit of information and a little bit of know-how, you can easily pick and install your medium dog door. read more

Taking Measure

dog door

Medium Size, Not Medium Style

dog doors

Installation Indecision

Medium size dog door
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