how to remove a locking system for patio door

White French Sliding Patio Door Slightly Open With A Bronze Locking System and Handleset
Tools Needed
1 Screwdriver
2 Screws
3 Model information
4 Replacement latch
Materials Needed
1 Replacement lock
2 Safety Glasses
3 Power Drill
4 Work Table
Total Cost
Find a handyman
Estimated Time
1-2 Hours
Skill Level: Advanced
The total cost and duration may vary when hiring a handyman!

Project Overview

different kinds of patio locking systems people may have including lever, knob and handle based systems and locks

Since many homes have patio doors that slide, it isn’t uncommon for the locks to get jammed up or even break. It is very important that you have a working locking system for your patio door. This assures your home is safe and secure. If your locking system is not in proper working order, it is time to replace it. Don’t wait until something happens to your home, get it done before something can happen.

Sometimes you may need to replace the entire lock and other times you may just need a latch replacement. Keep reading here today to learn how to remove and replace a locking system for a patio door. The best way to tell if you need to replace the entire lock is if your current lock won’t keep the door shut or it is difficult to turn the lock into place.

Step-By-Step Instructions


Figuring Out the Right Model

traditional patio door locking set with keys

Before you remove the locking system you already have on your patio door, you should figure out the right model. Many of the manufacturers of sliding patio doors put a model number or the manufacturer name on the edge of the door. You should locate the model and put it down somewhere. If you need to replace more than just the latch on the locking system, you might need the model name.


Taking Off the Handles

person grabbing a patio locking system

Now, you can start removing the locking system for the patio door. You will start by taking off the handles on your door. Generally, this is done with a Philips screwdriver. There are usually two screws that keep the handle on. Now put the lower screw into its hole where it was attached to your handle so the latch doesn’t fall in the door. Another tip is to keep the handles supported when taking them off so they don’t fall to the floor.


Taking off Screws

keyed bronze patio handleset and lock

Now there should be two screws at the door’s end that keep the latch secured. Take these screws off and easily pull the latch out along with the cartridge it was held with. After you have taken off the screws that kept the latch on, you need to take a measurement of the doors thickness so you can get a new lockset of the proper size.


Getting Your Replacement

a person using a brand new patio door handle and lock

Finally, you are going to take your latch to the store so you can find the proper replacement. When installing the new lockset, you are going to put the above-mentioned steps into reverse. If you do happen to put a new latch on and your patio door still won’t lock right, you will take the model you wrote down before so you can put in a whole locking system, instead of just the latch. There are many sizes of locksets so be sure you have your old one when going to the store. Take those measurements you took with you as well.

Now, that you have the proper information to remove the locking system for a patio door, you can learn how to replace it as well. It is quite an easy process. Be sure you are purchasing the correct lockset for your patio door. You will need to take the screws out of the new lock you purchased. Sometimes these are already taken out. Once you have done this, you can start installing the new lock set.


It is finally time to put the new lock into your patio door. You will want to start by putting the back portion of your lock into the door’s opening on the outside of your door. Now while holding the two parts of your door handle into place, insert them and tighten up your screws. Be sure your screws are attached securely so they lock isn’t lose or won’t fall out.

Lastly, you can put in the new door strike. This inserts into your door jamb. Now that you have finished removing and replacing the locking system for your patio door, you should check your results. Make sure the door opens and closes properly. Try locking and unlocking the door a few times to be sure everything fits correctly. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

Removing and installing a locking system for a patio door is quite simple. It doesn’t take a lot of time. Often the most difficult part of removing the locking system for this kind of door is making sure you get the proper new one. There are many kinds to choose from and you need to make sure it is the right measurement so it fits perfectly into your patio door.

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