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Large Electronic Type Pet Door in Sand on Fir Color
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Estimated Price: $99.00+


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Questions And Answers

Do pet doors work?

Yes, pet doors do work. Just show your pet a few times that the door is there, and then they will begin to go in and out as if the pet door has been there all along. You and your pet will both reap the benefits of a pet door.

How much does it cost to put in a doggie door?

The average cost of a hinged pet door across the country is about $154. For those looking to add a glass pet door, the cost on average is around $247. If you need to install the pet door in a wall the average cost is around $206.

How secure are dog doors?

How secure the door is will depend on the type of dog door that you purchase. Some doors have built-in security features that will only allow the pets that you permit to enter and exit the pet door that you have. Other doors allow you to set times for access.

How do you train a dog to use a doggie door?

Training your dog to use the doggie door is not difficult. You can entice your dog to go through the door a few times. Let them see that the door is there for them to use. Before too long, your dog will understand that he can use this door.

how do I measure my dog to determine the pet door size?

Measure the widest part of your pet and add about two inches for safety reasons. You can also allow your pet to walk through the door to get the width, again adding two inches. Now, measure from the shoulders of your pet to the ground. This is the height.

Can you use a dog door for cats?

Yes, a dog door can be used for cats. They might need to be trained how to use the door and not all cats will enjoy using the dog door.

How do you install a pet door?

To install this door, measure your dog’s or cat’s height at shoulders near your door. Take door off and put template for pet door on it. Drill in holes at corners of template. Check proper fit and install the flap or door. Hang your door back on hinges.

How do I install a pet door?

Installing a pet door doesn’t take a lot of work. You take the door off, after measuring your pet’s shoulder height near it. Trace the template on the door, drill in the holes and cut out the template you drew. Install the door and hang door back on its hinges.

is installing a pet door hard to do?

Installing a pet door does take quite a bit of work. You will need to place a template on the door and make sure the cut is exact, so the pet door fits correctly.

Should you get a pet door?

If you have a pet, then yes, you should get a pet door. Your pet deserves to have some freedom and be able to get outdoors when they need and want to.

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pet door

How To Install A Pet Door

Unless, you have a pet who can wait hours and hours to go outside to relieve themselves, you are going to run into some problems. Are you tired of having to run your pet outside hour after hour? Maybe you even have a pet that won’t go poop and pee at the same time so you must take them out even more. If you feel like a slave for your pet, it is time to learn how to install a pet door. Once you have the pet door installed, you are going to feel more like your pet is a member of the family instead of a constant reminder that you never get to sit down and just enjoy them.

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patio door with pet door built in

Pet Doors For Sliding Doors

If you own a pet and would like to let them have some freedom with going outdoors, you can get a pet door for them to come and go as they please. Great news for the beautiful wood framing your door because now there won’t be scratch marks all over it as your pet can go out without you having to open the door. The one problem you might have is if there is a sliding door where you would like the pet door to go. The good news is that you can get pet doors for sliding doors. There are just a few things that you need to know before buying them. Ensuring you have investigated each of these things will go a long way to making the best purchase you can and not overspend on it. You will even save money on energy costs because you don’t have to open and close the door multiple times throughout the day. If you have a sliding door in your home, you don’t need to worry, your pet can still come and go through a pet door. read more

Getting Correct Measurements

sliding glass door with dog door built in

Aluminum or Vinyl Options

sliding door dog door insert

Security for the Home

Pet doors for sliding doors
storm door with dog door

Storm Door With Dog Door

Storm doors are great because they protect your expensive front door against damage from the elements such as rain, snow, ice and even the heat of the sun. It’s also cost-effective since it can help save money on energy costs. When considering adding a storm door to your home, you should keep in mind your pets before making any decision that allows changes to be made to your house. This is because adding or taking something away from your current home takes a lot of time for your pets to become comfortable with. So, if you’re considering investing in a storm door for your home, you should buy one that already has a dog door installed. This makes it easier for your pets to enter the house without having to keep the door open when they’re playing outside. Installing a storm door with a dog door built in can provide the combined benefits of both but remember to take some measurements of your pets before you do so. This makes access through the door much easier and allows you to keep the exterior door open to allow light to shine through. read more

Saves Your Warranty

exterior door with built in pet door

Protects Your Front Door

storm door with pet door

Save Money and Increased Value

storm door with dog door built in
cat doors

Cat Doors

Cat doors are a great option for people with cats that like to roam both indoors and outdoors. These cat doors give the cats freedom to come and go as they please, and they give pet owners freedom from having to go to the door each time the cat wants in or out. Because they are often seen as finicky, giving the cat the freedom may just cause them to love you a little more. Cats are able to come in to eat and drink as they please, and some doors even provide protection from other animals as they are controlled by a sensor on the cat’s collar. If you have a cat that likes to roam outside, and you live in a safe area for pets, you might want to consider purchasing a pet door to benefit both your cat and you. read more


exterior cat doors


interior cat doors

Shopping Tips

cat door
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