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Choosing and Installing Pocket Door Locks

Because they save so much space, pocket doors are a popular option for smaller areas. They are a great choice for closets because they do not take up any needed space if the closet is smaller, like a swinging door would. This makes it much easier to get around and find the things that are needed.

However, pocket doors are also great for bathrooms, and sometimes, they are even used as bedroom doors. These rooms tend to be more private, and it would probably be best to install a pocket door lock so you can prevent any possible embarrassing incidents.

Pocket Lock Door Door
Pocket Lock Door Door


Pocket doors are a great option for smaller spaces, and while they are often used as closet doors, they can also be used for bathrooms and smaller bedrooms. Because of the personal nature of the rooms, bathroom and bedroom doors need locks on them for privacy.

Because the doors do not have knobs, pocket door locks function somewhat differently than many other locks. The lock is inserted into the side of the door where, when locked, the locking mechanism slides into a latch plate, keeping others from opening the door and providing privacy. While these aren’t the strongest locks, they successfully communicate that privacy is needed.

Pocket Lock Door Door


Installation is not the easiest, but proper it should only take about an hour and will ensure the lock lasts for years. Also, although it will not be a focal point, some hardware will be visible on your door, so you want to be sure to choose hardware that matches your interior and feels strong and durable. Replacements should be avoided because they are difficult. Before you begin installing the lock, make sure you take time to read the instructions.

Also, be sure to measure everything as precisely as possible, and before you start to cut, mark the area you will be cutting with chalk to ensure it is the right size and at the correct location. Cut the notch out and slide the lock hardware into place, using a hammer to tap into place if necessary. Screw the hardware into place to secure it.

Pocket Lock Door Door

Shopping Tips

Before purchasing a lock for a pocket door, measure the door’s width to make sure you purchase a lock that fits correctly. Make sure the hardware you purchase has a finish that matches the home’s interior. Before you begin installation, take out each piece of the kit, and read the instructions. Make sure you have all of the hardware you need for installation.

Once you are positive everything is there, you are clear to start installing your new lock. Be sure you install the lock at a comfortable height, and measure carefully to be sure you install the latch plate at the same height, ensuring the lock works correctly. The product’s installation directions should guide you through the installation of your particular lock.

Questions And Answers

How much is a door knob?
Doorknobs can greatly vary in price. Some of them are less than $15 and others are up in the $50 range. It varies based on the brand and type of doorknob.
How do I factory reset my Schlage Lock?
You will need to get into the battery first. The battery needs to be disconnected off the door’s deadbolt. Push the button for Schlage about three times, when the battery is out. When pushing that button, put the battery back in.
How do you unlock a door knob?
You can unlock a door knob in many ways. Sometimes you do this by a key, a keypad, a push button, a turn lock, a deadbolt or an electronic lock.
How do you change the code on a Schlage door lock?
To add a new code press the button "Schlage" along with the number button one at the same time. Wait until you hear a beep and see three flashes. The green light flashing will let you know that it is ready for a new code to be programmed.
How do you replace a door knob?
To replace a doorknob you will need to unscrew the current screws holding the knob in place, as well as the screws for the plate where the latch is on the door. Once these have been removed the old lock will come out and the new lock can be placed.
How do you remove a door knob without screws?
Open your door and see if you can see a thin slot on the locking side of the knob. If there is a setscrew that is recessed, turn this in a counterclockwise until it moves out. For a slot, push you flathead in the slot and pull out the knob.
How do you measure a door knob?
You should first measure the hole for the doorknob at the center to the doorway edged, this will help you find the door set size. Often the door set size be will either 2 and 3/4 inches or 2 and 3/8 inches, almost all fit within this range.
What is the difference between a passage door knob and a privacy door knob?
A passage door knob is also known as a closet or hall knob. These usually don’t lock. The privacy door knobs are usually put on bathrooms and bedrooms. They generally have locks on them.
How do you remove a Schlage door knob?
To remove this type of knob, you need to turn it all the way and hold the knob in place. Put something stiff into the hole in the center. This depresses the tab in the knob. While pushing that still object in, pull out on the doorknob.
How do you tighten a door knob?
First, you will need to identify which part of the knob is causing it to be loose. Once you have identified this area of the knob you will need to use your hex set or screwdriver in order to tighten it up. This is a fairly quick and easy process.
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person wearing a construction hat standing next to a door with a mortise lock

How To Remove A Mortise Door Lock

Some older homes, often pre-World War II, have mortise locks, and even newer homes may have updated versions of these classic designs. While these pieces of hardware can be very attractive, the idea of removing one can be intimidating at first glance. However, many homeowners can’t easily manage the task with a few basic tools.

To manage this project yourself, just follow the steps below.

variety of different door knob styles and colors

How To Install Door Knob

Maybe you have a door knob that is too loose or too stiff, or one that simply doesn’t suit your personal style. You might even have a damaged door knob if the door was forced open at some point. Regardless of the reason, most homeowners will occasionally need to replace a door knob in their home.

Luckily, this process is fairly simple, and most people can handle the tasks on their own. Just follow the steps outlined below, and you can install a door knob in no time.

classic door lock cylinder showing the front and inside components

How To Install Door Lock Cylinder

Having an internal key locking system such as a door lock cylinder is a great way to protect the home. This type of locking system goes into the door’s trim by pushing the bar in and out. It is turned with a key or the handle. This is installed as part of your door handle.

There are some different types of the door lock cylinders and different sizes as well. However, generally all of them are very similar in the manner of how they work and fit into the door. If you are thinking about putting this type of lock onto your door, the following are the steps you should be taking. This project only takes about 1 hour, at the most, to complete.

At the end of this article, you will find some tips on how to make this home improvement project a bit simpler. Don’t forget to have your new door lock cylinder before you take off the old one as well. This way your home stays secure all the way up through the new installation.

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