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Keeping Up with Keyless Door Locks

We’re all likely familiar with keyless door locks for our vehicles, but did you know you can get the same convenience for your home? That means no more fumbling to get the right key in the lock when you’re trying to juggle, for example, bags of groceries. Other reasons to consider keyless door locks include:

  • never having to worry about being locked out
  • the ability to let people in without being there
  • lost keys are a thing of the past

At their most basic, keyless door locks are door hardware equipped with a keypad that requires you to enter a code to unlock or have a special app.

They can come with regular door handles or be fitted for simple deadbolts. Keyless door locks are more expensive than traditional door hardware that requires keys. However, with all new technology, prices should drop.

Keyless Door Lock
Keyless Door Lock

It’s Complicated—Or Is It?

If you’re hesitant to purchase a keyless door lock because you fear you’re not technologically savvy enough, rest assured that there’s a range of options out there. You can choose a keyless door lock that’s got actual buttons to push, for example. If you can dial a number on a landline phone, you can operate these. And if you’d like something a little fancier, there are keypads that are really more like touchscreens, just like your smartphone.

In addition, despite the name, many keyless door locks come with an option for keyed entry. That may be a helpful alternative for people who have trouble remembering the unlock code.

Keyless Door Lock

Powering Up

Perhaps you’re worried that a keyless door lock, having an electronic keypad, will be useless if the power goes out. The good news is, most—if not all—keyless door locks are operated with battery power. That, of course, creates its own issues.

If your lock uses a lot of power, your batteries may run down faster than normal, necessitating your having extra batteries on hand. That’s not too much of an obstacle, though. If it is for you because you’re concerned about the costs, you can buy batteries in bulk from a dollar store. The greater issue for some people with battery changes is that some keyless door locks may make those changes challenging. Some keyless door locks can have battery housing that’s tricky to remove, for example, or that require an Allen wrench to open.

Keyless Door Lock

Smart Locks For Smart Homes

With the rise of internet-powered home assistants, many people are opting also for devices that their home assistants can help control. These include systems that you may already be familiar with, like smart lighting and temperature control. However, some keyless door locks are also designed to fit into your home assistant’s control. If you don’t have a home assistant, you can still reap the technical benefits through manufacturer-specific apps.

There are door locks with corresponding apps, for example, that allow you to keep a record of everyone who’s entering your home. They may even include voice control or the ability to issue temporary keys for guests or other non-residents, like dog walkers. Many systems are free, but some require monthly subscription fees, so be sure to read the fine print before making your choice.

Questions And Answers

How do you install a door knob on a new door?
If a hole needs to be cut, you do that first. Otherwise, you install latch, faceplate, strikeplate, lever, spindle, inside housing and then the knob. After installing these in this order, you will put the screw in.
How do you remove a Schlage door knob?
To remove this type of knob, you need to turn it all the way and hold the knob in place. Put something stiff into the hole in the center. This depresses the tab in the knob. While pushing that still object in, pull out on the doorknob.
How do you tighten a door knob?
First, you will need to identify which part of the knob is causing it to be loose. Once you have identified this area of the knob you will need to use your hex set or screwdriver in order to tighten it up. This is a fairly quick and easy process.
What are the different types of door knobs?
There are many doorknobs available. There are keyed door locks, including doorknobs and door levers. There are also electronic door locks. Each of the locks offers something slightly different, while they all allow secured entry to your home. Your lock choice will be based on cost and personal preference.
How do I change the code on my door lock?
The method for changing the code on your lock will vary based on the brand of lock. You should be able to look at the manufacturer's information on the lock that was included when you purchased it. If not check with the manufacturer on what you need to do.
How do you remove a door knob without screws?
Open your door and see if you can see a thin slot on the locking side of the knob. If there is a setscrew that is recessed, turn this in a counterclockwise until it moves out. For a slot, push you flathead in the slot and pull out the knob.
What size hole saw is used for a door knob?
For most of the doorknobs, you will need to use a hole saw that is 2 1/8 inches. That is for the main hole. The latch hole should be done with a hole saw that is 1 inch.
How do I remove a stuck door knob?
To remove a stuck knob you will need to remove the screws from the doorknob. Once the screws have been removed the knob should separate. Now, you can use your screwdriver to press the latch in and open the door. Then the doorknob can be replaced with one that functions.
How do you unlock a door knob?
You can unlock a door knob in many ways. Sometimes you do this by a key, a keypad, a push button, a turn lock, a deadbolt or an electronic lock.
How do I factory reset my Schlage Lock?
You will need to get into the battery first. The battery needs to be disconnected off the door’s deadbolt. Push the button for Schlage about three times, when the battery is out. When pushing that button, put the battery back in.
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doorbell fix

How To Fix An Old Doorbell

Fixing a doorbell, in most cases, is a relatively quick, simple and inexpensive job that you can complete on your own. If your doorbell does not ring, there could be four possible problems with it. It could be the chime, the transformer, the button, or the wiring connecting them all. You can track the culprit easily and make the fix.

You do not have to worry about working with electricity as a majority of the doorbell circuitry is usually low-voltage and will not give you any shocks in case you make contact with the wires. A transformer considerably reduces the typical 120-volts carried by many electrical circuits to just ten to sixteen volts needed to operate a doorbell.

We have a useful how-to article to walk you through the process of repairing an old door.

classic door lock cylinder showing the front and inside components

How To Install Door Lock Cylinder

Having an internal key locking system such as a door lock cylinder is a great way to protect the home. This type of locking system goes into the door’s trim by pushing the bar in and out. It is turned with a key or the handle. This is installed as part of your door handle.

There are some different types of the door lock cylinders and different sizes as well. However, generally all of them are very similar in the manner of how they work and fit into the door. If you are thinking about putting this type of lock onto your door, the following are the steps you should be taking. This project only takes about 1 hour, at the most, to complete.

At the end of this article, you will find some tips on how to make this home improvement project a bit simpler. Don’t forget to have your new door lock cylinder before you take off the old one as well. This way your home stays secure all the way up through the new installation.

door panel with the door knob removed showing the inside of the locking mechanism

How To Remove A Door Knob

Replacing an interior door doesn’t require the services of a professional. In fact, it’s a project most homeowners can easily tackle themselves. However, when the door knob doesn’t have any visible screws showing how the knob attaches to the door, it can easily throw most people for a loop. But there’s no need to fair. Removing a door knob without obvious screws is actually very easy, as long as you know what to do. Follow the process below, and you’ll have that door knob off in no time.

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Pocket Lock Door Door

Pocket Door Lock

Because they save so much space, pocket doors are a popular option for smaller areas. They are a great choice for closets because they do not take up any needed space if the closet is smaller, like a swinging door would. This makes it much easier to get around and find the things that are needed. However, pocket doors are also great for bathrooms, and sometimes, they are even used as bedroom doors. These rooms tend to be more private, and it would probably be best to install a pocket door lock so you can prevent any possible embarrassing incidents. read more


Pocket Lock Door Door


Pocket Lock Door Door

Shopping Tips

Pocket Lock Door Door
glass door knob with lock

Glass Door Knobs

Remodeling your home is no easy task, but many homeowners tend to leave out small details such as doorknobs in the process. The end result is that they have to settle for contractor grade alternatives to get the job done, but they sure don’t match the style of a new door. You’ll be surprised to find our wide variety of door knobs that can meet your design needs. Glass doors are fashionable, but you can argue that they can either break easily or they won’t be made of glass at all. Actually, these were a staple in homes around a century ago because of a shortage of metal around World War 1. They were mass produced in various designs and cuts to match the style of houses. Along with the doors themselves, production of glass doorknobs was at its high point and used many traditional designs in their construction. When you begin to search the market to find yourself some antique doorknobs or contact a reliable brand that can provide you with high-quality glass door knobs that mimic the strength and design of older ones, you will find many to choose from. These may be mounted in steel or brass shanks and available at many different price points  Either way you conduct your search, you’ll be doing your remodeled home a favor by using the glass door knob. read more

Enhance the Appearance of Your Door

glass door knob

Vintage Aesthetic and Variety of Designs

dummy glass door knob

Better than Metal

glass door knob for modern door
bronze keypad door lock with illuminated key pad

Keypad Door Lock

Keypad door locks may seem like a technological advance, but they've been around in some form for decades. With the newer manufacturing processes now in place, the long lasting materials will keep your home safe and secure for a long time. Many of us might be familiar with them on cars or recreational vehicles, for example. Some of us may also have encountered them at apartment buildings or college dormitories. Depending on your level of technological sophistication and/or your particular needs, you should be able to find a keypad door lock that will exactly fit the bill. No more monthly replacements of the door key for your 6th grader so just teach him how to remember the code to get inside the house. Keypad door locks can be an easy way to add convenience and security to your home which can’t be picked like keyed doors can. read more

Power Supply

commercial lever style keypad door lock with someone typing in a code

Code Breaker

nickel door knob style keypad door lock with a finger touching the keypad

Keys to the Kingdom

close up of a keypad door lock on a brown door
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