how to remove a double handleset door lock

double handleset door locks
Tools Needed
1 Tape Measure
2 Drill or a Screwdriver
3 Allen Wrench
Materials Needed
1 Hammer
2 Chisel
3 Safety Glasses
Total Cost
Find a handyman
Estimated Time
30-45 Minutes
Skill Level: Beginner
The total cost and duration may vary when hiring a handyman!

Project Overview

door lock

Now that you have your mind set on improving your home, one of the projects that should come into your mind is removing and replacing a double handleset door lock. These locks help to protect your home by two locks so you want to make sure it is in working order. If it is weak, old or loose it won’t keep your home very safe. The front door where this lock may be set is also one of the first things someone may see when they come to your house.

If you want others to think more of your home, you may want a more stylish double handleset door lock. There are so many of these sets that you can get so it may take a bit to decide on which one you will get. Once you do, you can remove your old one and replace it with the new.

Step-By-Step Instructions


Removing the Screws

handleset door lock screws

You can start by removing the screws. You will want to have your door open so you can access everything easier. Then you will use your drill or screwdriver to take off all screws you can find around the lock. These may be placed on the deadbolt, cover plates and on the sides of the door as well. You might need to take off the cover plates (these are near the handles) by pushing the indented portions with the screwdriver. Once you have done this, there may be some more screws that you need to remove. If so, make sure to take those off as well.


Removing Handles and Levers

door lock

Once you have removed all the screws, it is time to remove the levers and handles. You will need to hold onto the outer and inner levers and handles and pull each of them off carefully from your door. Be easy so you don’t bend or break them.


Removing Latch and the Deadbolt

double lock

Once you have taken off the levers and handles, now you can remove your latch and deadbolt. These will be pulled off from the side of your door. If they are stuck, you may have to push a flathead screwdriver underneath them to loosen it up.

It is now time to take off strike plates. These will be unscrewed and taken off from the frame’s edge. Again, be easy when doing this so as not to strip any of the screws.



measuring door lock

The last part of removing the double handleset door lock you already have is the measuring portion. You will need to measure from the top hole center (hole for deadbolt) to the middle hole center (hole for latch). Now you will measure to figure out distances from lower hole center (where handle’s bottom connects through your door) to the latch hole center. Make sure your new lock will fit the dimensions you have measured here.


Placing Latch Bolt And Cover Plates

bore hole in a door for a lock cylinder

When putting in your new double handleset door lock in, you will need to start by placing the latch bolt. You will have your door open and look at the door’s edge. You will push in the latch bolt at the side of your door so it goes through the door’s middle hole. The latch’s sloping side should go in the direction where the door will close. You should now get the screws that came with the double handleset door lock to get the latch into proper placement.

You can now insert your deadbolt. This goes in the door’s top hole. You will again use the provided screws and make sure they are securely placed. They should be tight but not overly tight or they will strip. That would make them very difficult to take out.

The next step is placing cover plates. You will need to have these over your deadbolt and your latch. Sometimes the new plates might be bigger than the openings and in that case, you can use the chisel and hammer to make them fit.


Placing the Deadbolt Cylinder

person installing a new deadbolt cylinder

Now you get to place the deadbolt cylinder. You will want to stand in front of your door and push the cylinder through the upper hole. You will put in the mounting plate and turn in by hand into the hole on the door’s other side. Make sure the screws get put in tight but again, not too tight or they could strip.

After placing the deadbolt cylinder, you can put in the handleset’s trim and adapter plate. You will put in the trim through the doors’ front middle hole. You can easily slide this plate through the door’s rear middle hole as well. Make sure this gets screwed into place as well.

Now you are going to be installing the interior lever and handle. For this step, you will line these up on the hole using your spindle and then it will lock into place. You can use the Allen wrench or set screw to make sure this gets installed securely.

Finally, you will install the strike plates. These go into the frame’s edge and get securely screwed into place. You might need to make the recess on the door’s frame bigger with the chisel and hammer if the new plates are bigger than the old one.


You can remove a double handleset door lock and install a new one in a small amount of time. Not only will this improve the look of your front or back door but it also will help with the security of your home as well. Start your measuring and decide on which new double handleset door lock you will get. Install it and check this home improvement project off from your list.

How To Remove A Double Handleset Door Lock

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