how to dress up a garage door

how to dress up a garage door
Tools Needed
1 Interior Paint
2 Paint Brush
3 Paint Roller
4 Paint Tray
5 Paint Roller Extender
6 Garage Door Hardware & Accents
7 Printer’s Tape
8 Masking Tape
9 Sponge or Power Washer
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Materials Needed
1 Carriage door hardware kit
2 Rust-free black spray paint
3 Paint brush
4 Paint
5 Roller brush
6 Masking Tape
7 Utility knife
8 Paint tray
9 Felt-tip marker
10 Scissors
11 Cleaning towel
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Total Cost
Find a handyman
Estimated Time
3-4 Hours
Skill Level: Beginner
The total cost and duration may vary when hiring a handyman!

Project Overview

dressing up a garage door beautifully

Curb appeal begins with the garage. Although long ago a garage was nothing more than a safekeeping for vehicles and miscellaneous tools from the house, today it serves a far more grandeur purpose. Homeowners near and far understand the magnitude and influence of the garage door, and so, desire a garage door that enables them opportunity to create a flawless style that adds that desired curb appeal to their property. Sadly, many homeowners settle for the garage door style they have, assuming the only way to update their look is through professional means and an average price tag of $1,100 for renovations.

Nowadays, anyone can learn how to dress up a garage door and create the trendy style they want without the need for professionals or the expense that comes with that need. Many homeowners dress up their garage doors daily via DIY projects, happy with the resulting look and outcome of the work. If you’re interested in recreating the curb appeal of your home and enjoying a fun, updated style, the many options for dressing up a garage door are sure to make you smile.

Many awesome DIY garage door projects add the perfect amount of charm to your home, distinguishing your property from the others in the neighborhood. If you want to create a unique, stylish, fun look with your garage door without the hundreds of dollars being spent in the process, you’ll discover a few great DIY projects below. Step-by-step instructions make it easy to learn how to dress up a garage door, creating the exact style you want. Choose one of these garage door projects and let the creation of an updated style begin!

Find a list of tools included with each project below. Ensure all tools and supplies are gathered before starting any project. It’s extremely frustrating and time-consuming to start work only to discover you’re without items needed to complete the work. Use the checklists to ensure the proper supplies are in-hand.

Step-By-Step Instructions


Prepare The Garage Door

Garage Door

A fresh coat of paint and a few luxurious pieces of hardware provides homeowners a simple way to update and revive their garage door, gaining curb appeal and ambiance in the process. Endless paint colors and styles ensure the right choices for every homeowner who wants to update their garage door. Sort through the color selections, choosing the interior paint color you like most, bearing in mind the remaining color of the garage and your home.

Paint only when the temperatures are ideal, typically between 50 and 90 degrees C, with low humidity levels. Painting when it is too cold causes the paint to turn rubbery or crack, and can cause the inability for the paint to stick to the garage door surface. Paint when it’s too hot and you’ll likely face issues with the paint drying too quickly, or hassles from painting in the sweltering temperatures.

When you learn how to dress up a garage door correctly, you know there are a few preparation steps necessary to get the door ready for the updated paint job. Start with a quick sand job to remove rust and peeling paint from the garage door. When the door is smooth, use a sponge or power washer to remove dirt and debris from the garage door. You can’t paint over dirt and expect a good outcome. Finally, ensure that you use masking tape to prevent paint from getting on areas that you don’t want painted. Laying plastic on the floor underneath the door can help prevent wet paint from sticking to the ground. Pour your paint into a painter’s bucket for easy access to the paint during the project. If a painter’s bucket is unavailable, most any large bucket will work.


Paint the Garage Door & Add New Hardware

Garage Door Carriage Hardware

No less than two layers of paint is needed to provide the garage door the best color and finish. Before applying a new coat of paint, allow the first one to dry. Using a durable paint brush measuring 2” - 2.5”, begin painting the garage door at the top of the recessed area of the panel. Start in a corner of the panel, working your way around until completely painted. Complete this step on each of the garage door panels until completely painted. Be sure to reload your paint whenever necessary to ensure accurate amounts of color are going onto the garage door. Begin painting the inside parameters of the garage door, starting at the top, continuing alongside the walls. Paint in two to three-inch sections. Start painting the garage door frame at the top, working your way down until completely painted. Next, start at the top of the frame with your paint brush and paint the frame. Remove excess paint with a utility knife.

Pour your paint into a painting tray and use your paint roller to complete the remaining paint job on the garage door.  The roller makes it easier to paint the titles on the garage door. Remove any excess paint with a utility knife after it’s had the chance to dry. Attach the new garage door hardware you’ve selected according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep in mind that magnetic hardware is available. This hardware easily attaches to the garage door Removing your current garage door and replacing with carriage doors can be an expensive, time-consuming job, but with the step-by-step instructions here, you can learn how to dress up a garage door using a carriage-door hardware to create the look and style, eliminating the need to remove and replace doors.

Pour  your white interior paint into the paint tray for easy access. Use your paint brush to paint the entire garage door white. Start at the top of the garage door, working your way down and across until the job is complete. Using the roller may be ideal when painting larger sections of the door.

Glass at the top of a garage door adds sleek style, but if your current door doesn’t include them already, it can be a challenge to add them without entirely replacing the garage door or enduring many hassles.

Rather than endure those hassles, you can create the appearance of window glass fairly simply. To begin, use masking tape to create four evenly-sized squares inside each of the garage door squares across the top. Once you’ve created squares with the masking tape, use the spray paint to paint black inside each of the squares. Lightly spray the paint to create the window-illusion you’re after. Remove the tape after you finish spray painting.

Installing the carriage door hardware to your garage door is fairly simple, but since there’s so many different pieces of hardware, you’ll need to complete this step using the manufacturer’s instructions for the exact pieces you’ve bought. Follow these instructions, and soon you’ll have a lavish, sophisticated carriage-style garage door!


Add a Mural

Painted Garage Door

Adding a mural to the garage door may be something you never before considered doing, but if you’re interested in learning how to dress up a garage door on a budget and with ease, this is an idea that allows creation of a unique look at your home. Endless ideas make it simple for any homeowner to find a look they love, whether you’re interested in adding sophistication to the garage door, or prefer something with a little character or humor behind it. Choosing to paint your own mural is a fantastic option for those artfully skilled. For the rest of us, adhesive murals are simple to add and remove any time.

Murals can be tricky to install. It’s important to take your time when installing the mural to your garage door so there’s no damage. It’s easy to see wrinkles in a mural if it is not carefully smoothed. Rushing to complete the project is the easiest way to endure such a headache.

We’ll assume you’re using a self-adhesive mural that you’re applying to the garage door yourself in the how-to directions below. If you’re painting your own material, you likely won’t need our guidance in such process anyway!. Choosing a mural is the first step in completion of this project. Murals are sold in an array of sizes to accommodate all garage door sizes, including both single and double garage doors. Take the time to browse through the murals, selecting one that flatters the ambiance you seek in your updated garage door style. Remember, quality matters when selecting the mural, so do spend your money only on a durable product.

A measuring tape can help determine the accurate  size of the mural that you need. Measuring the garage door size before ordering a mural saves time and ensures that you don’t purchase a product that is too small. Although a mural that is oversized can be trimmed to right size, one that is too small is simply a loss. Clean the garage door before attempting to apply the mural. A cleaning towel and all-purpose cleaner with hot water can help remove any dirt or grime that is situated on the garage door. Pay special attention to the edges of the garage door, as it is oftentimes this area that the most dirt is found.  Applying a mural to a clean door is easier and ensures an overall better appearance when the project is complete.

If the selected mural does not accurately fit the garage door, use scissors or a utility knife to trim it to size. Leave a bit of excess on the sides to account for shrinkage once attached to the door. The excess on the sides can also help avoid mistakes. Once the mural is completely installed on the garage door, this trim can be removed if it is still there. Detailed installation instructions are found inside the mural kit that you’ve purchased. Since the correct method of mural installation varies considerably from one product to the next, it is important that you read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you’ve installed the mural correctly.


Aside from the three easy projects above, many additional projects can help you add the special look that you are looking to find to your garage door. Consider staining the garage door, adding exterior solar-powered lights, or even plants and colorful flowers to the exterior to add even more flair to your look. It’s simple to complete any of these additional steps, or the above projects, so why wait any longer to add the special style you crave to your garage? Not only will you love the look, you’ll add great aesthetics and value to your place.

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