how to install door threshold

person kneeling next to a door threshold
Tools Needed
1 Hammer
2 Back Saw
3 Drill
4 Chisel
5 Caulk Gun
6 Flooring Nails
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Materials Needed
1 Tape Measure
2 Pry Bar
3 Handsaw
4 Pencil
5 Caulk
6 Threshold
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Total Cost
Find a handyman
Estimated Time
1-2 Hours
Skill Level: Advanced
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Project Overview

three different door threshold styles

With time, the threshold on your door can get ruined or even worn out. The seal is one of the most common problems that occurs and it creates problems with shutting the door and keeping things energy efficient. If that is the only issue you have, you might be able to only get that replaced. However, if there are even more issues, you should probably install a new door threshold. This is not a complicated project and doesn’t take long.

Step-By-Step Instructions


Buying New Threshold

two different kinds of rubber door thresholds

Before installing a new door threshold, make sure you buy the proper threshold before taking off the current one. You don’t want to lose out on energy in your home because you don’t have a threshold on the door for any amount of time.

There are different types of thresholds as well, so you will need to decide on the type that you will be buying. The saddle-type of threshold is the most commonly used. This is effective for keeping air from flowing in and out, along with dust and water. The panic-type of threshold is often used for the doors that are swinging outside. This gives protection for weatherproofing near the door’s bottom. The interlocking-type of threshold is good for most buildings that have doors that swing inwards and outwards. Vinyl-types of thresholds shouldn’t be placed in higher traffic spots. This is just some information to help you determine which new door threshold you will choose. If you have further questions, it might be helpful to ask the employees at your local hardware store.


Removing Your Current Threshold

home owner removing an old door threshold

If you are going to be installing a new door threshold, you will first need to start by removing the current threshold. This is quite simple. You will take off the rubber stripping on your current door threshold. By unscrewing screws that have held the door threshold into place, you can take off the current threshold. Be careful as not to damage the door during this process.

After you have taken off the current threshold, you can start cutting the threshold you bought to the right size. You will take the rubber sealing from the above portion of your newly bought threshold. Then you will start cutting your threshold to go on properly. You can cut it with the hacksaw by following the pattern of your older threshold. After cutting the new threshold to the right size, you can start fitting it to your door. You should do a trial run fitting for your new door threshold before you put it on permanently. Be sure it is fitting snugly against the lower part of your door. If it isn’t fitting correctly, you can adjust your door or use a small shim to get it to fit better.


Installing Your New Door Threshold

homeowner putting in a new door threshold

You will screw your new door threshold onto your floor. If you have floor that is made from concrete, you can use carbide masonry tipped bit so that holes can be drilled through for plastic anchors or masonry screws.

You will start by cutting your new rubber sealing to the proper length using the utility knife. You can slide the seal through the threshold grooves. If it won’t go through or is far too tight, you can use the utility knife to cut a bit of it off. You will need to make sure the threshold fits on the door properly. The door should shut easily without seeming too tight or too loose. Start by closing your door to see if the threshold fits properly and snug to the bottom part of your door. If it doesn’t fit well, you may need to go back and make some more adjustments to the threshold or the seal.

Now that you have done the proper fitting and made sure the door closed properly, you are good to go. You shouldn’t need to replace the door threshold for some time. These generally last and hold up quite well, depending on the brand and the material you choose for the threshold. 


The new door threshold can be done without getting a whole new door. Many times, this needs to be replaced because the old one is worn out. It may be torn or damaged in some way. You don’t want to have higher energy bills because the door threshold isn’t working as it should. If you need to install a new door threshold, now you have the proper steps to get this project done correctly. Remember, first you must decide which door threshold is the best for your door and then you can continue on with the project.

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