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Glass Front Doors Residential

Glass Front Doors Residential

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Top Three Shopping TipsGlass Front Doors Residential

Homeowners put quite a bit of thought into their purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to purchasing a front door for their home. Because the front door is the first thing visitors see before they come inside of your home, it is understandable that homeowners take some time to consider all of the different options at their disposal. A popular front door style choice among homeowners is a front door with glass.

Glass front doors are incredibly elegant and sophisticated and they are higher in value than front doors without glass. They are notorious for increasing curb appeal and are favorites among realtors for this specific reason. After you have narrowed your front door search down to a glass front door, it is time to consider what kind of glass front door you would like for your home. These three shopping tips can help you make the best decision for your home:

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Front Door With Yellow Glass And Wooden Door

Pick a Base Material

Aside from glass, what material do you want your door to be made out of? There are wooden glass front doors, fiberglass glass front doors, and full-glass front doors. Wood is the most commonly used base for front doors with glass because it isinviting and very aesthetically pleasing. If you care more about the ease of upkeep, then a fiberglass glass front door is certainly worth considering as the upkeep is typically very minimal. However, it is worth noting that fiberglass doors tend to be more expensive than other available options; with that being said, fiberglass doors are also extremely durable and provide excellent insulation. Lastly, full-glass front doors are a great choice if you want your home to be flooded with natural light.

Residance With Blue Door And Glass

Privacy Concerns

While glass front doors are extremely eye-catching, they do carry the risk of decreased privacy. If your home is in an area that sees a lot of foot and car traffic, a frosted glass front door or a stained glass front doorprovidethe benefits of a glass front door without the added worry about people actually being able to see inside of your home. Placing the glass in areas of your home that are hard to see through, like along the top of a door, can also increase your privacy. Security is another thing worth considering. A full-glass front door should have doubleortriple-paned glass as to prevent someone from illegally entering your home by breaking the glass.

House With Black Door And One Window

Have Fun

Designing a new front door should be fun. Think about your personality and what you want to convey to your guests. Do you want your door to be a topic of conversation or simply an addition to your home? Do you want your pets to have “sunny spots” to nap in? Do you want those passing by your home to be awestruck by your bold color choice? Glass front doors come in a wide range of textures, colors, and designs. Do not be afraid to and add some personality to your glass front door.


Read up on Residential Glass Front Doors

Residential glass front doors can be a bold choice for your home. They certainly aren't the run-of-the-mill pick, so if you're looking to stand out in your neighborhood or in your real estate market, they'll do the trick. But they're not just unique; they're also stylish. Other reasons why you might choose a residential glass front door include:

  • increased sunlight
  • increased views
  • many of the benefits of the great outdoors without the outdoors coming in

It's not hard to figure out the attraction of a residential glass front door. Before you commit, though, you should consider all the facets of owning an exterior glass door.

Residential Front Doors With Glass Gray Residential Front Door With Lanterns And Plants On Both Sides
Residential Front Doors With Glass Blue Residential Front Door With Small Windows And Chairs On Both Sides

Keeping It Clean

This may be one of your first concerns when you're first thinking buying a residential glass front door. As with caring for all doors, a little routine maintenance can go a long way. Take water spots, for example. They can become permanent if you let them bake in the sun. So if your residential glass front door gets a lot of sunshine, be sure not to let those water spots get comfortable. In addition, glass doors can get smudged easily, but it's just as easy to keep them clean. You can use commercial glass cleaners or make a simple solution with water and white vinegar. Be sure to clean your door on a cloudy day if it's in the sun or else you'll get streaks.

Residential Front Doors With Glass Orange Residential Front Door With Plants

Privacy Matters

The view from your residential glass front door can be great until you realize it goes both ways. That means that if you have concerns about privacy, then a glass door might not be for you. However, it really all depends on where you live and your comfort level. For example, if you live in a more rural area, with less neighbors, then you might not be as concerned about people being able to see inside your home. In addition, if your front door opens to a foyer, then you also might be less concerned about privacy. If you still want a glass door and are concerned about privacy, there are options. You can get frosted or otherwise decorative glass, for example, that's less translucent.

Residential Front Doors With Glass Gray Residential Front Door With Plants

Wild Wildlife

If you do live in a more rural area or an area that's filled with wildlife, this is something to consider when shopping for a residential glass front door. Big windows and big glass doors can be attractive to birds and other animals. To keep little critters from trying to visit or just running into your door, consider again a more decorative glass door than a plain clear one. Consider also getting double-paned glass, which is obviously sturdier than single pane. In addition, you might want to design your landscaping so that the wild and woolly are drawn to other parts of your property, rather than your glass front door.

Questions And Answers

What is the best color for a front door?

There is some logic, along with some science, in color selection. A color wheel is the best place for you to start choosing your color. You can mix various colors quickly and easily to find the perfect color scheme for your entry door and the exterior of your home.

Is a steel or fiberglass door better?

Fiberglass doors and steel doors are both great doors. If struck hard enough a fiberglass door can crack, steel does not. Other than that, these doors are both really great options. Steel is the more affordable of the two but fiberglass may be slightly better in all other aspects.

What is the best color to paint your front door?

Most importantly, you want the color of your door to blend with the rest of the exterior. White and red seem to be the most commonly used colors for a front door. After red and white, it is found that is brown, blue, and green come next in popularity.

How much does it cost to replace a door and door frame?

The cost of replacing a door and frame will vary greatly. It is going to depend on the type of material the door is made of and how customized it is. You sho.d expect to spend at minimum $500 for an exterior door and at least $300 for interior replacement.

What color should your front door be if it is facing north?

If your door is facing North, feng shui colors for your door are as follows: blue, white, black, and gray. You should avoid the color of deep pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, red, and brown on a front door that facing North.

What kind of paint do you use on a front door?

First, you need to know whether the door has oil-based or latex paint. You don't want to mix and match, it needs to be the same. Next, you need an exterior paint. Finally, most people prefer a glossy paint for their exterior door. It tends to highlight the architectural features.

How much does it cost to install a new door?

On average the cost of a new entry door is between $500 and $700. The price varies greatly depending on things such as the material of the door, the brand, the type of door, the company installing the door, and more. Installing the door yourself will reduce the cost.

How much does it cost to install a door frame?

A lot of the cost of your door frame will depend on what the current frame looks like. For example, rotting wood would be most costly as things need to be repaired and replaced. For a single door frame, you will need to plan for a minimum of $150.

What is a good feng shui color for the front door?

Your entry door, in feng shui, is how your house is able to receive energy for nourishment. The energy quality determines the energy that your home has. Often, the color you choose is based on the direction in which your door faces. For example, North, South, West, East.

Can you paint a PVC door?

Yes, you most certainly can. You will want to be sure that you clean the door before painting and be sure that it is dry completely. You then will prime and paint. Be sure to use a good set of rollers when painting your door.

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person using a tape measure to measure the width of a door opening

How To Measure For A Prehung Door

If you are looking to replace a door, there are a lot of features that might make prehung doors the best option for you. Prehung doors are ideal for beginners. This is because they come with many features that make them easier to install than a slab door, like the hole for the doorknob and the fact that the hinges come already attached.

Another benefit is that you can be sure it will be well insulated, so that stress is also minimized. However, with prehung doors, you must also make sure your measurements are as accurate as possible to ensure that the door fits, and it is level.

How to Paint a Door without Brush Marks

How To Paint A Door Without Brush Marks

Do-it-yourself painting is one of the easiest home projects to tackle. After all, anyone can swipe a brush or a roller—even kids. However, home painting isn’t without challenges, as anyone who’s brushed up against a freshly painted wall or dripped paint on the carpet can attest. However, painting foibles don’t have to be disastrous to be annoying. Your biggest challenge could be just trying to paint a door without leaving brush marks all over it. The good news is, this is an easy fix. It won’t take any longer than painting the door would regularly and doesn’t require any special talents.

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How To Measure A Door Jamb

There are many reasons you might need to know the measurements of your door jamb. Maybe your are putting up new trim, or if you need to replace a door, you will want a snug fit and will need to know the measurements of your door jamb. Knowing the correct measurements of your door jamb is important so that you are able to order the correct door and frame size for your replacement.  You want to make sure that you get all of the dimensions needed, and you want these measurements to be as precise as possible.

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home entrance with dutch style glass door with matching sidelites and transom

Front Doors For Homes With Glass

When you want to bring additional light into your interior entryway, residential front doors with glass inserts can be an ideal option. The glass allows daylight through, the amount of which depends on how much glass is used and its exposure to natural light. While clear glass is the most commonly available, frosted glass allows light inside and still provides additional privacy. Stained glass adds an artistic flare and may increase privacy even more depending on the style. The amount of glass used can vary dramatically too. Some doors are full-glass while others feature small panels, allowing you to choose the ideal mix of light, privacy, and security based on your needs. You can also find doors in a variety of materials and styles, allowing you to select an option based on your budget and personal preferences. Take a little time to review all your options to find the perfect front door to invest in for your home. read more


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rounded top door with beautiful potted plants on both sides


father and son standing in front of their house
wood door with top view sidelites and a rectangular transom

Hardwood Front Doors

When you are making home improvements, one major one you can make is changing your front door. It may not seem like it would do as much as remodeling an entire room but that is where you might need some more information. Changing your front door gives your home a new look, improved security and so much more. Many homeowners go with hardwood front doors and you should consider them too. There are many things that you may want to think about before upgrading or altering your front door. Because these hardwood doors are solid and made from a natural material, you’ll see that no two are exactly the same. Sure, oak is oak, but the grain is different, and the many shades of sealant and stains will help with that unique look. However, when you go with hardwood front doors, you will be well on your way to an overall better-looking home. read more

Cost Effective Front Door

single hardwood front door

Insulating Your Home

dutch style front door with glass windows and a picket fence

Higher Property Value

Hardwood front door that has square glass panels in a vertical fashion on the left of the door
family standing in front of their home

External Front Doors With Glass

Glass front doors, in one form or another, are amongst the most appealing and widely used architectural features in both home renovations and new builds. A front glass door not only opens your home’s interior to the outdoor world, it also enriches your views, enhances natural light and improves ventilation. Because a glass door is naturally transparent, it can be a showstopper because it is able to blur the boundaries between your outdoors and indoors. Glass panel external doors are likely to provide a unique and exceptional vintage appearance to any apartment or house. In fact, most glass panel front doors come with a naturally beautiful look. These doors do not rust, peel or corrode and are resistant to insects and termites, which gives them an advantage over wood or metal doors. Glass front doors have a variety of different mechanisms and styles, such as hinged and sliding glass doors. More sophisticated types of glass doors include pivoting, folding, and stacking glass panels, among others. However, before you decide to install a glass door on your entrance, there are some factors that you should consider which are discussed in the next section. read more

Privacy and Security

external front entry door with full glass panel


side view of a home with external front door that has sidelights and transom

Style and Size

front of a home with a fiberglass and top glass panel
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