how to remove a locking system for french door

french door with a locking system
Tools Needed
1 Screwdrivers
2 Hammer
3 Flush Bolts
Materials Needed
1 Lockset
2 Safety Glasses
3 Pliers
Total Cost
Find a handyman
Estimated Time
30-45 Minutes
Skill Level: Beginner
The total cost and duration may vary when hiring a handyman!

Project Overview

french doors open with a locking set

If there is a French Door on the home you live in, it is a great idea to keep a good, working locking system on it. The best option is a three-point lock. This means it has two flush bolts and one lockset. Flush bolts will be installed on the upper and lower parts of your door. They connect into the plates on the upper door jamb and the hole through the threshold on your door.

When you take these off to replace them with another locking system, it is quite simple. Usually, your new lockset will fit right into the same holes. Before you get your new locking system for the French Door, you will need to take off the one that you have on right now.

Step-By-Step Instructions


Removing The Door

french doors

Before taking off the door’s bolts, you will want to open the door using the lever handle or the door knob. You will then loosen up and take off the bolts that are securing the French Door lockset into the inner face of your door. Make sure you have the correct screwdriver. Start pulling out the outer and inner portions of your lock from the door and put them off to the side.

Now that you have taken off the bolts, it is time to remove the door’s plunger assembly. You will need to get the screws loose. These are the ones which are securing the strike plunger plate at the outside edge of your door. Then you will pull the door’s plunger assembly out. Now, start removing all the screws which are located on the outer area of the strike plate and take off the plate.

With this step, you are removing the door’s hinge pins. These are the pins that go through the hinges on your French door. You can simply tap the pin caps up with a hammer or screwdriver. You will put these pins aside and remove the French door from its hinges.


Removing The Old Hardware

removing a french door locking system

You will now start positioning your French door on its edge while making sure its flush bolts are facing upwards. The next part of this step is loosening screws that are securing bolts at the lower and upper ends of your French door. Take the bolts off. Now, you will be removing the plate located on the upper portion of the door jamb. This is the plate that covers the top bolt.

Now you can get the newer lockset as well as the strike plate. You will look at the old set and determine something that will fit the holes in a similar way. There are some locking systems that have a button lock and others have an essential deadbolt. You will get the upper plate and flush bolts for your doorjamb by looking at the old plate and bolts as well.


Installing The New Locking System

french door locking system

Now that you have properly taken off the locking system you were using, it is time to install the new one. You start this process by fitting the newer flush bolts in mortises located on the side of the door where you had taken off the older bolts. Be sure you have installed the bolts so the locking pins move outward from the lower and upper parts of your door. You will use thumb-latches to make sure this is done correctly. Now, you can put in the screws that were provided on the bolts.

You can now start installing the newer strike plate for your lockset where you removed the older one on the door. The newer plate for the upper doorjamb and upper bolt are put where you took off the plate from the previous lockset. The screws needed for this should be provided.

After you have installed the lockset strike plate, you will hang your new French door in its hinges and put the hinge pins you saved in now. You will need to tap each pin cap down using a hammer to make sure they are pushed in all the way. Now, you can close your door and start latching lower and upper flush bolts.


Final Assembly

french door with a lock set

It is now time to install your strike plunger assembly through the outer side hole on your door. You have already taken the old one off. Make sure the new face plate sits well into the mortise and start attaching that to your door, at the plate holes, with the screws that have been provided.

Now, you are positioning the outer part of your lockset at the door’s outer face and push the locking rod’s end into a port on the plunger assembly. You will push it into the exposed area. You can push your lockset into the door’s outer face.

During this step, you are aligning the locking rod port on the back area of the inner portion of your lockset. You will use the locking rod end and start fitting the inner lockset portion against the door’s inside face. Finally, you will be installing bolts and tightening them. You will put the provided bolts into the holes on the inner area of your lockset and tighten them just a bit. Now, start aligning the outer and inner parts of your lockset to make the even with the door’s edges. After you have done this, you can fully tighten all bolts.


You have now learned the steps to removing a locking system for a French Door and how to install the new one. If you have a French Door on your home, it is important to make sure the locking system works well. It keeps your home secure and your family safe. If the locking system is worn out, the door can be easily broken into. Don’t let that happen to your home.