how to put new weather stripping on a door

different kinds of weather stripping types
Tools Needed
1 Coping saw
2 Hacksaw
3 Cordless Drill
4 Nail set
Materials Needed
1 Hammer
2 Door sweep
3 Weather strip kit
4 Vinyl bulb
Total Cost
Find a handyman
Estimated Time
30-45 Minutes
Skill Level: Beginner
The total cost and duration may vary when hiring a handyman!

Project Overview

roll of weatherstripping for an exterior door

The seal or weather stripping around a door has various functions. It helps seal out noise, rain, drafts, and insects. However, with time the weather stripping can crack and rot, and prevents your door from completely sealing shut,

which not only looks unattractive but is inefficient because the drafty air can significantly increase your cooling and heating costs. You can easily install new weather stripping on your door which can cut down your energy bills in the long term. Follow these steps, and the job will be a breeze.

Step-By-Step Instructions


Buy Weather Stripping

person holding a piece of weather stripping to show what it looks like

Weather stripping kits are easily available at most hardware stores or home centers. They consist of two side strips, one top strip and a couple of fasteners. We recommend you purchase a weather stripping with wrapped foam. It is more durable, is good at retaining its shape, withstanding abrasions and easily fits a range of gaps.

It can be difficult to find new weather stripping that exactly matches the profile of your door. However, in case you know the manufacturer of the door or where you bought it, try there first.


Measure the Jamb

person measuring a door jamb in preparation for new weather seals

Close your door and carefully measure the top part of the frame from the left side to the right. Mark this length with a sharp, clear line on the shorter section of the weather stripping you have bought.

Cut the foamy part of your weather stripping with a pair of sharp scissors. Next, carefully cut the wooden flange using a fine-tooth saw or hacksaw. A weather stripping kit comes with two long pieces which are of the side jambs, and the shorter piece is for the top jamb. Making precise measurements and meticulous cutting will get you nice, and air tight fits.


Fasten the Top Piece

person installing some weather stripping around a door frame

Firmly tap 1.5-inch finishing nails into the wooden flange, carefully positioning the weather stripping such that the complete length of the foamy side seals your door. Then, gently pin the weather stripping into place, but do not drive the finishing nails all the way just yet. Now measure the length of each side of the frame.

The ideal way to position the weather stripping is to firmly shove it against your door so that it compresses along the entire length of the door. But do not make the mistake of compressing it too much or your door will not latch when you try to close it, it is a common mistake.


Cut Additional Pieces

person cutting weather stripping using scissors

Cut one side piece of every side of the weather stripping so that they accurately fit the profile of your top piece. Mark the profile with a scrap as a guide, then cut the foam with a pair of scissors and the profile using a fine coping saw. Sand or file the cut for a nice, tight fit. Then measure the bottom piece and cut it to an appropriate length.

Now, position the weather stripping carefully such that its entire length seals your door then gently tack it into place. The coped cuts located on each side jamb will easily make a tight and clean joint. It is better to make this cut before the bottom cut as it will leave sufficient length for the bottom cut.


Test Your Fit

person swinging open a door

Close and open your door a couple of times to ensure the new weather stripping seals against your door and your door locks and latches properly.  If required, adjust the weather stripping. Then drive the finishing nails all the way.

It is vital to ensure that your door shuts and locks easily before driving the nails. However, it is also important to ensure the weather stripping also fits snug to your door over its entire length. For minor adjustments, try pulling out the finishing nails and starting in a fresh spot; and when you are using metallic weather stripping, loosen the screws.


Measure And Install The New Sweep

person measuring the width of a door in preparation of installing a door sweep

Shut your door, and see if any daylight comes through and also feel for any draft under your door. In case there is too much light or a strong draft, it is ideal to install a door sweep. Mark the length carefully on the new sweep after measuring the width of your door from the inside.

Sever the flexible flap using a pair of sharp scissors or a utility knife. Next, cut the flange using a hacksaw. Position your new door sweep such that the flexible portion slightly touches the top portion of the threshold and mark the position of the screws then drill all the pilot holes.

Push the new door sweep against the threshold in a downward direction and drive all the screws. Then close and open your door a couple of times to test the new seal.


Cut two 1-3/4 x 2-inch pads from a 1/8 inch thick felt.  Then fasten these pads on both sides of the frame at the bottom. Then open and close your door and, if required, adjust the pads. You have replaced the weather stripping on your door. Now your winters will feel more comfortable, and your door will look more attractive.

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