Glass Door 78 By 36 Right Swing

Glass Door 78 By 36 Right Swing

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A Shopper’s Guide to Glass Door 78 x 36 Right Swing

Finding a door to fit an opening that is shorter than the most common standard can feel like a challenge. Most building codes require passage doors (those that separate rooms and hallways) to be at least 80 inches tall.

However, if you have an older home or are looking to replace a closet door, which code may allow to be shorter, you may discover that the opening only allows for a 78-inch tall door.

However, 78 x 36 right swing glass doors are available, including pre-hung options from major manufacturers. This allows you to find a door that meets your needs and doesn’t require you to cut the door down to make it fit.

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Door Swing

Doors come in either right swing or left swing options, but figuring out which one you need isn’t always intuitive. If you need to figure out if a right swing 78 x 36 glass door is the option you need, there is an easy way to check. Stand with your back to the door hinges, or where the hinges would be installed if there isn’t currently a door there.

Then, place your hand on the handle, or where the handle would be, and open the door into the room. If you used your right hand, you need a right swing door. If you used your left, then a left swing door is what you require.

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When you need a 78 x 36 right swing glass door, you may discover that there aren’t as many options at this height. However, 78 inches isn’t so uncommon as for them to be entirely unavailable. You’ll need to take care when shopping, as purchasing a door that is too tall and isn’t designed to be cut down means it won’t fit in your opening.

Some 80-inch doors can be cut to size if the need arises. Hollow-core and solid wood doors can be trimmed with the proper tools and some care. Alternatively, you can purchase a custom door in your choice of materials, ensuring you get the exact height you need.

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Glass Options

You have a variety of options when it comes to doors featuring glass panes. There are multiple views to choose from, including full view, mid-view, and high view. Full view 78 x 36 right swing glass doors feature the most glass, typically spanning nearly the entire door minus the supporting frame.

Mid-view doors are about three-quarters glass while high-view usually only has glass on the upper half. You can also select from different kinds of glass, including clear, frosted, textured, or stained. Frosted and textured options allow light through while providing a level of privacy, while clear will allow the other space to be fully visible. Stained glass can give you a level of privacy, depending on the design and nature of the glass, though others do little to hide the other room from view.

Questions And Answers

Can you get an exterior door in any color?
If you are interested in getting an exterior door in anything other than the basic colors, this is possible. You can custom order an exterior door or have the one you get painted or stained.
How do you tell if an exterior door is left or right hand swing?
This process is actually a pretty simple one. Go up to your door and then see which hand is near the knob. If the knob is by your left hand then the door had a left-hand swing. If your right hand is near the knob it is a right-hand swing.
How do you frame an exterior door?
This will depend on whether you are making a new opening or using an existing one. This is a project that can be a do-it-yourself project but you should have some home repair knowledge. If you aren't familiar with repair work you can contract someone to do it for you.
Can you paint exterior doors?
Depending on the material that your front door is made from, it is possible to paint your front door. You may need to install many coats to get the paint to cover the prior color.
How do you determine the swing of an exterior door?
When your back is against the door’s jamb, your right-hand will be near the knob if it is a right-swing door. Your left-hand will be near the knob if it is a left-swing door.
Can I change the swing of an exterior door?
You will take the hinges off the door. Then, take the latch plate out. Measure hinge mortises height. Mark new hinge mortises height on other side of your door. Put hinges on new hinge mortises. Reattach the door and faceplate.
What is a right hand exterior door?
There are left and right hand exterior doors. The right hand exterior door just means that if your back was facing the door jamb and your right hand was near the doorknob, that would be right-swing or right-hand.
How much is the average exterior door?
The average price of an exterior door can range widely. They can be as low as $150 and as expensive as $2500. The price varies based on different styles, durability, brand and more.
What is a right hand entry exterior door?
A right-hand entry exterior door can be easily explained. Face your back to the door jamb. Is your right-hand near your doorknob? If so, you have a right-hand entry exterior door.
Can exterior doors open outwards?
Most entry doors open inward and there is a good reason for this. You don't want the hinge pins exposed on the outside for burglars to be able to easily remove your door. That being said, some doors do open outward it is just not recommended.
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