how to install bifold doors

bifold closet doors
Tools Needed
1 Tape Measure
2 Drill
3 Screws
4 Bifold Doors
Materials Needed
1 Knobs
2 Door Brackets
3 Track and Pivot Hardware
Total Cost
Find a handyman
Estimated Time
1-3 Hours
Skill Level: Advanced
The total cost and duration may vary when hiring a handyman!

Project Overview

installing bifold closet doors

If you are looking for doors for smaller spaces, like closets or a laundry room, bifold doors might be the perfect option for you because they save space and are affordable. These doors are also very easy to install and repair if needed, making them perfect for apartments and family homes.

Bifold doors can even be installed by the average person quite easily. If you are interested in installing bifold doors in your home, and you need a little help, just purchase your supplies and follow the steps below.

Step-By-Step Instructions


Remove Old Door

removing bifold closet doors

First, you need to remove your old door. At this point, it is easy to measure the door opening, which will help you when purchasing your new bifold doors. This is also an ideal time to make any minor repairs, like filling in nail holes, or paint the surrounding area.


Install Track and Pivot Hardware

bifold closet door track

Next, you want to install the tracking to the top of the door jamb. Make sure there is a 1/16 inch gap on each end. Then, directly below the top track, secure your pivot hardware to the floor.

Now, you will attach the pivot hardware to the top and the bottom of the door. You will do this by tapping the two pivots into the holes on the top and bottom of the door. Ensure that the pivot hardware on the top of the door lines up with the track on the top jamb. Also, ensure that the bottom pivot hardware aligns with the hardware you installed on the floor.


Paint the Doors

a paint brush with paint stroking a door panel

If the doors need to be painted at all, this is the time to do it. It will be far more difficult once the doors are installed and the hardware has been secured.


Insert Doors

person leaning one of the bifold door panels on a wall

Now that the doors have a fresh coat of paint and the hardware has been attached, it is time to finally insert them. To do this, first place the lower pivot point on the door into the track socket on the floor. The door’s top pivot point should go into the top track’s pivot socket that you installed at the top of the jamb.

Don’t forget to insert the snugger guide before inserting the top pivot. Just squeeze it, position it, and release it into the track on the top jamb. Then place you top pivot into it. Sometimes the top pivot is spring loaded. If this is the case, you will want to pull back the pivot and put it in place before releasing it.


Attach Additional Hardware

different kinds of hardware

Now, after positioning the doors in place, you will want to secure your door brackets on the inward facing side of each door to ensure a tight close on your doors. If you would prefer, you can use aligners instead. If you opt for aligners, just attach them to the back of the bifold doors about ½ inch from the bottom.


Readjust Height

bifold closet door

The doors should be high enough that they do not rub against that flooring. If you are having issues with the doors being too low, just lift the door and twist the pivot to adjust the door’s height from the floor.


Attach Handles

beautiful handles on a bi fold door

Many doors come with predrilled holes to make it easier for you to attach your knobs. If yours do not, it is a simple fix. Just mark where you would like to place your knob and drill a hole. Just twist your knob on, and your doors should open and close easily.

Feel free to change the knobs to match the hardware you already have in your home. If you have any issues opening and closing your doors or if you notice that the doors are not level, just readjust your hardware as needed.


Now that you know how to install your bifold doors, you have the ability to conceal necessary areas, like closets or your laundry closet, in a very efficient and aesthetic manner. Not only that, but you were even able to do it yourself, without having to hire or pay anyone. Now that you understand how these doors work and how they are installed, if they ever break or begin to function poorly, you will have no problem repairing the issue.

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