how to install barn doors inside

how to install barn doors inside
Tools Needed
1 Drill Bit
2 Drywall anchors
3 Awl
4 Socket wrench
5 Cutting oil
6 Tape Measure
7 Screw driver
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Materials Needed
1 Mounting board
2 10-inch bar pull
3 2 x 6-inch board
4 Miter saw
Total Cost
Find a handyman
Estimated Time
5-8 Hours
Skill Level: Expert
The total cost and duration may vary when hiring a handyman!

Project Overview

installing barn doors inside

It seems as if one of the leading and recent trends is the installation of an interior barn door. This step is important to either provide some privacy or to add a decorative element, and in some cases to reduce unwanted noise.

Unlike typical swinging doors, barn doors do not sweep across your usable floor area‚, so they are well suited for crowded and tight spaces. The installation of an interior barn door, whether new or a retrofit over existing openings, is often a simple DIY job. It is a lot easier compared to adding an interior swinging door or, framing a pocket door which is even more difficult. Also, the rustic or vintage impression of barn-door hardware often suits the indoor space better compared to most contemporary, off-the-shelf doors.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to install an interior barn door and make more efficient use of your indoor space. This project requires plenty of drilling and metal will easily get hot when you drill into it. Therefore, make sure you are wearing goggles. When drilling holes, it is ideal to work with drill lubricant as it will make this process faster and easier.

Step-By-Step Instructions


Install a Header Board

barn doors

First, install a sufficiently long header board above the door opening. Do not make the mistake of installing the track into your drywall. Most hardware kits often do not include the supplies required to install a header board; therefore, you may need to buy interior screws and a piece of wood separately.

Cut your header board to ensure its length matches the length of the track. Use a pencil and tape measure to measure and mark the header board then cut it with a miter saw. If you want your header board to complement your wall, you can paint it with the same color. For installing your header board use a stud finder to mark the stud positions on your wall carefully. Use a level to ensure your board stays straight and drill screws into the wall studs to attach the board to your wall.


Install the Track

barn door tracks

Hold the track up to your header board and mark a hole at the edge of your track where you will have to drill. Then drill a hole and install the spacer and fasteners. Similarly, mark and drill a hole at the opposite end of your track. Place a level on your track to ensure it stays straight while you install the next fastener and spacer. Now, mark, drill and install the fasteners and spacers in the center holes to secure your track to the header board.

If you want to install two barn doors, the track should be twice the width of each door. It will allow you to slide two doors at once on a single track easily. While in the case of a single door, the track has to be as wide as your door. You can use the templates (provided with the supplies) to figure out where you need the holes to your door for installing the hangers. Then mark the holes with a marking tool on both the ends of your door and drill the holes. Now remove all the pre-installed fasteners from your hangers. If you have a thin door, you can use shorter hanger fasteners for attaching the hangers to your door.


Set up a Bar Pull

barn doors in a home

Installing the handle is the next step. Line up the bar pull where you want it on your door and with a marking tool mark the locations of the two holes in your handle. Then secure your handle to your door with the screws (they come with the bar pull). Place the anti-jump disc on the top edge of your door to install it. It should be on the inner edge of your hanger to ensure the hole faces the front of your door. After installing all the accessories on your door, place it carefully on the door track and test it several times to ensure the door slides smoothly across the track.


Set Up Door Stops

barn door installation

Then install door stops on both sides of the door track, securing them tightly with the help of screws. The door stops often will work well, especially if the door is in the center of your wall. In other cases, you may run into a few issues as your door is likely to slam against the trim before it hits the door stops. In this case, you can attach bumpers on your trim. As you do not have to connect multiple tracks, you can slide the hole caps into little holes located at each end of the track.


And that is all! We hope that you find this tutorial helpful. Accurate measurements are vital for installing any door; however, this is especially true in the case of indoor spaces. Therefore, ensure that you have sufficient room for the tracks and mounting board, also make sure all the areas are secure and level. Sliding doors tend to slow down or get stuck with use, so make sure that you oil the rollers and track frequently.

How To Install Barn Doors Inside

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