how to install barn door hardware

barn door hardware installation
Tools Needed
1 Mounting Board
2 Awl
3 Socket Wrench
4 Drill
5 Drywall Anchors
6 Cutting Oil
7 Level
8 Work Gloves
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Materials Needed
1 Paint
2 Hardware
3 Sliding Barn Door
4 Tape Measure
5 Safety Glasses
6 Metal Cutter
7 Router With Half-Bit
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Total Cost
Find a handyman
Estimated Time
4-6 Hours
Skill Level: Expert
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Project Overview

barn door

If you have been thinking about adding a new sliding barn door to your home now might just be the right time to do it. While it is not easy, it is a project that you can do yourself at home. You will need the tools, materials, time, and the ability to follow step by step instructions. Once you have these things you will be well on your way to installing your new barn door hardware.

Step-By-Step Instructions


Measure And Order A New Door

ordering a barn door

Before you can do anything you need to find out what size sliding barn door you need. There are standard door sizes but not all the sizes work for all doors. For this reason finding the exact size that you need is important in ensuring that your door fits once it comes time to put it in place.

If the door opening that you are measuring has molding you need to measure from outside of the molding to outside width wise and from the top of the casing to the floor to get the height. You can add one or two inches to the doors for an overlap depending on the need for privacy.

To measure door openings that don't have a casing, measure the opening at the inside across to obtain the width and then from the top of the door opening to the floor in order to get the height. You can add two to four inches for each door with these depending on the need for overlap and privacy. Once you have these measurements you will be able to get the door/doors ordered that you need so that you can start the slightly more complicated tasks.


Mounting Board Attachment

barn doors

For this step, cut a mounting board that is 1”X4” and make the board the same length as the track that you will be using. The width will need to be slightly wider than the track in order to place the track on the board. To secure your mounting board you should use lag bolts, spacers, and drywall anchors.

For a mounting board that has an appearance more finished, you can use paint and even slightly round the edges of the board. If you choose to paint the mounting board be sure that you allow it plenty of time to dry fully.


Cut And Assemble Track

barn door track

For the track assembly, follow the manufacturers instructions and assemble with joint brackets. If needed you can cut the track length. If you want the door to open all the way across the door spacing then you will want to make the width twice the door width. Once the track is cut and assembled you are ready to move on.


Drill Track Holes

drill being used to make a pilot hole

Now, you need to measure and drill the track holes. For this use a drill bit that is metal-cutting. You should place the holes where it attaches to the wall and the mounting board. You should use a punch or an awl here in order to make a seat for the bit to rest in. Doing this will keep it from slipping on metal while you drill. You should also use a bit of cutting oil and apply to the hole you are drilling in order to keep that area cool.


Install Spacers And Track

barn door

After finishing drilling the holes it is time to attach the track. Measure the track system. You will use lag bolts and install the track and the spacers on the mounting board as well as the wall. It is important to make sure that your track is perfectly level when you install it. Use your level to make sure. If you need to make adjustments you should make them before continuing.


Finally, it is time to hang the rollers and the door. You should look at the instructions provided with your kit in order to hang the rollers based on the instructions of the manufacturer. You can use the nuts, washers, and carriage bolts that are likely supplied with it. You will also likely need a socket wrench to help tighten it up.

Now, attach the bottom rollers and roller guide. When you are finished get another one or two people to help you out and hang the door up on the track. Move the door back and forth to make sure that it rolls smoothly. Check for any problems with the rollers or track if you notice that it is not functioning correctly. That was it, the door should now be completely functional. You should find that the task took a bit of your time and was a little was a bit difficult at times but overall completely achievable for someone to do on their own, at home.

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