how to build a barn door

building barn door
Tools Needed
1 1x6 pine boards
2 1x3 strapping
3 pine filler strips
Materials Needed
1 pallet boards
2 1x6 cedar
3 1x4 pine
Total Cost
Find a handyman
Estimated Time
10-20 Hours
Skill Level: Expert
The total cost and duration may vary when hiring a handyman!

Project Overview

barn door

Interior barn doors are a different and stylish way to create privacy between rooms. Depending on how you choose to style the door, they can into a variety of different interior styles. Luckily, you can build your own custom interior barn door for your home. Just follow the steps below and modify whatever you need to fit your space.

The project will take some time, probably a couple of days, but having the door custom made for your home and feeling the pride of knowing that you built that door yourself make this project well worth the time and effort.

Step-By-Step Instructions


Measure the Door

two people measuring the width of a barn door opening from left to right

First you will need to measure the opening where you intend to install the door. You want to ensure that the door will be large enough to cover the entire doorway to function properly and provide privacy.


Purchase Hardware

barn door hardware

Decide what kind of hardware you would like on your door. You should be able to order hardware that fits both your home’s style and your budget.


Assemble the Boards

barn doors

Place all of your pine boards side-by-side. Now, put the blocks along the outside before using clamps to keep them together. Then, attach them all together by gluing and screwing the blocking and longer strapping in place after ensuring they are squared up.


Add Filler Strips

build barn doors

Now you will cut 15 filler strips from the 1x5 pine.  Make sure that the first filler strip fits flush on top of the back boards. Use glue on the back and attach it flush at the top of the door. You will use these filler strips on the entire door’s perimeter and also through the middle.

Once these have been glued and are in place, use deck screws to keep the door sturdy. Make sure you use a deck screw for each back board.


Cut Chevrons

table saw being used to cut wood

For a chevron pattern, use salvaged pallet boards, and cut one end off of each pallet board at a 45 degree angle. Next, use a straightedge to mark the center of the door, right between the inset panels.


Cut the Corners

cutting barn doors

Place the side with the 45 degree angle against this line and mark where you need to cut and adjust the pallet boards against the rail and stile. Use a miter saw to cut both of these angles.


Install the Pattern

up close of chevron wood pattern

Dry fit the chevron patter into both panels. Once you are satisfied with how the chevron pattern is fitting and how it looks, you can start to lift the boards in pairs before gluing them into place pair by pair.


Drill Pocket Holes

person drilling a hole

Now, it is time to start working on your cedar face frame, you should start by making pocket holes.  Use a pocket hole jig to create pocket holes on each cedar rail’s end. This is easy. Just clamp the jig at the end of the rail, and drill your hole. You need two pairs of pocket holes on the upper and middle rails, and you will need three pocket holes at each end of your door’s bottom rail, which will be wider.


Build the Frame

wood clamp on a workbench

Now, it is time to attach these pieces. First, apply adhesive to the ends of the rails and stiles and clamp the frame together. Next, take the screws that you got in your kit, an screw them into each pocket hole.


Attach Face Frame

person dispensing a bead of wood glue on a piece of wood

After removing the bar clamps, set your face frame to the side.  Liberally apply wood glue to the filler strips. Place the frame on top of the filler strips, with the rough side facing upward. This should hide your screws. Make sure that all four edges line up before you use 1¼ inch brads to secure it.


Sand and Rub on Finish

sanding barn doors

At this point, you want to sand the door down and clean it off. Then you want to finish and seal the wood by rubbing paste wax into the wood with a cotton cloth.


Attach Rollers and Hardware

roller and track system for a barn door

On the width of the cedar stiles, you want to center your hardware. Then, you will measure and drill your pilot holes before screwing your hardware in place.


Attach the Mounting Board

person using a razor to cut mounting board to the right size

You will cut your mounting board to be the same length as, but slightly wider than, the tracking you have for the door. Make sure to drill into studs, and it is best to use 3 inch deck screws.


Install the Track

barn door track

Now that your mounting board is in place, you can install your track.  On the mounting board, measure and mark the places where you intend to screw the track into place. Make sure these are level before creating your pilot holes.  Attach the track to the mounting board using lag bolts, checking to make sure they are level before fully securing.


Roll the Door On

install of a custom barn door

At one end of the track, install a doorstop. Then lift it and slide it onto the track. Slide it to the end, and then install the other stop.  Finally, position, mark where you need to screw pilot holes, create your pilot holes, and secure the floor guide.


An interior barn door can be a fun an interesting addition to your home décor. It is practical and attractive. Building your own barn door can be creative and rewarding, and there is no reason why you can’t try it, especially if you happen to have some spare wood lying around. Just follow the directions above to create and build your own barn door.

How To Build A Barn Door

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