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Accordion Door Prices

Accordion Door Prices

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Accordion doors offer a beautiful and economical solution to adding practicality and privacy in your home’s interior. Whether you need to create a visual barrier or decrease sound transmission from one area to another, accordion doors allow you to resolve a variety of household issues in a visually appealing way.

Because of their infinite customizability, accordion doors vary widely in cost. Knowing what the differences are and why they exist can be confusing, and even a bit overwhelming. We’ve put together the following guide that will explain some of the major factors you should be aware of as you craft the exact look, feel, and functionality that you need.

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Long Accordion Wooden Door

What’s It Made Of?

A variety of materials are used to construct accordion doors; depending on the material, the cost could increase noticeably. From acrylic and composite panels to solid wood construction, the core of each door varies depending on the appearance and effect you want it to have. If sound absorption is a priority, foam or fabric padding can be added for an additional cost. The tracks can utilize one of several materials, from brushed steel to gold-plated aluminum. Hardware plays a role, with wood or PVC handles and several different grades of track quality that can be adapted to your specific application. Accordion door construction isn’t necessarily a matter of “good, better, best,” but rather a full range of customizable options so you know you’re getting the exact fit you’re looking for.

Accordion White Door To Bathroom

How Do I Know What I Need?

Accordion doors exist for a number of reasons and can be installed in a variety of settings. Perhaps you need to interrupt lines of sight between an office and a child’s play area: for this application, an inexpensive option that merely marks boundaries is probably sufficient. If you want to eliminate odors from a bathroom or kitchen, more sophisticated doors with thicker materials are an option. If your interests lie in decreasing ambient noise, quieting your home’s space and promoting peace and tranquility, high-grade doors with the highest level of audio insulation are available. Accordion doors are unique in their ability to be customized for width—if you have a larger application, simply order more panels. The price of an accordion door will vary depending on the qualities you need.

Double Accordion Door With Decorative Window

What About Looks?

Classic wood paneling is a familiar look, premiering either various types of wood stains or a painted surface. Different metallic finishes are available, including gold and silver. If you need a translucent door, you can find see-through acrylic in either clear or tinted options, allowing you to dial in the exact amount of visibility you want. For the ultimate expression of customization, you can have a logo or artwork etched or printed onto the door itself. A number of hardware options increase your ability to customize a door’s appearance: we provide various handle shapes (such as bars or knobs), materials (wood or PVC, to name two), and colors (everything from a classy, elemental black to solid wood).


Picking out Priced Accordion Doors

When you’re making home improvements, whether you’re just touching a few things or renovating the whole space, you can quickly become overwhelmed as the costs add up. You want to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck. So if you’re considering accordion doors, you have probably already starting pricing accordion doors. If you’re still deciding, reasons why you might choose accordion doors include:

  • they’re an easy way to close off a space
  • they create no floor obstructions
  • they can fit any design

If you’re looking to save a little money on your home improvement projects, smartly priced accordion doors can be a good option. There are choices that are good quality and will provide the convenience you’re seeking without straining your wallet.

Expensive Accordeon Doors Door
Expensive Accordeon Doors Door

Talking About Tracks

One of the biggest attractions for accordion doors is that they keep your floor clear. Unlike other sliding doors, like patio doors, there is no bottom track. What that means for you is that there is no bottom track to gather dust and grime or more importantly, for anyone to trip over. Instead, accordion doors either hang freely, sliding along the top of the door frame, or move on rollers at the bottom.

Nylon rollers are the standard option and they’re a decent choice. They’ll keep your accordion doors moving smoothly enough for most homes. However, if you would like to splurge, the higher-end choice are rollers made with stainless steel. These ball-bearing rollers provide the smoothest slide and will be the least noisy.

Expensive Accordeon Doors Door

Construction Costs

The easiest way to get the best priced accordion doors is to consider the door material carefully. If you want to get the best deal, you’re going to want to choose doors made of material like vinyl laminate. These are a fine choice for most homes and are best suited for spaces like closets. They come in a variety of sizes and many can even be trimmed to fit your door opening.

However, if you have a little more bounce in your budget, consider wood veneer. These are usually suitable for any home, especially in spaces that are more public, because they can lend an eye-catching look to your living or family room. Either choice is available finished on one side, for spaces like closets, or on both sides, for public spaces. Other options for materials include acrylic, although this is chosen most often for commercial spaces, rather than residential.

Expensive Accordeon Doors Door

Choosing Color

No matter the material you choose, it’s almost certain that you’ll be able to find a finish that will fit your home’s style and décor. For hardwood veneer, most accordion doors are available in a range of colors from light woods like maple to darker woods like walnut.

If you’re pining for a woodgrain look, but have opted to save money with vinyl laminate, you’re in luck. While you may be picturing vinyl in simple colors, vinyl laminate accordion doors are also available in finishes made to look like woodgrain. They won’t necessarily fool every eye, but many are incredibly realistic. However, if wood isn’t your choice, vinyl laminate is available in those simple, solid colors, as well as colors that are made to look textured, which adds interest to your interior design.

Questions And Answers

What are the drawbacks with inexpensive accordion doors?

You can find inexpensive accordion doors made of composite or vinyl, but the cheapest of these will often be flimsy, with plastic parts, hinges and clips holding the panels, rather than metal, will be single-wall construction, and won’t last long. Cheaper versions are usually finished only on one side, which might be fine if used for a wardrobe, closet or utility area. However, less sturdy doors may not keep a boisterous pet or child from ramming through it, so a more expensive replacement may be forthcoming sooner than expected. Plastic parts frequently break, but if the door doesn’t get much use, and is not in a high-traffic area, you may get your money’s worth.

Do cheaper accordion doors come with hardware?

Even if you spend $40 or less for inexpensive accordion doors, they should come with everything you need to install them, though the parts and “hardware” will most likely be plastic and could break easily from extended use. A cheaper door may not be double-walled, but if you’re getting it for a rarely used, out-of-the-way area, it may not matter.

How are more expensive accordion doors different?

Often more expensive versions have double-walled construction, are comprised of better quality parts, and use steel or aluminum hinges. Because the parts, materials and handles are sturdier and of higher quality, with finer latching mechanisms and/or locks, they’ll glide more smoothly and operate better, compared to the sometimes jerky motion of less expensive doors. A higher price tag usually means the blind composition themselves will be upgraded to a heavier vinyl, wood, metal or even glass.

Is it worth it to get more expensive accordion doors?

It depends on where your doors will be located. If you install them in a frequently used space, you’ll want doors that hold up over time. Doors like this will probably have a steel hinge system where the individual hinges are riveted to adjoining panels and have stops, so that when the door is extended, it will look even and uniform. They’ll often have nylon wheels that suspend the door from a metal overhead track. Complete packages like this look sophisticated and operate effortlessly. Cost can be several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the size and application for which you’re using the door(s).

Does size affect the cost?

It can, but it really comes down to the type and quality of materials and construction. A decent quality 36” x 80” door could cost $190, and may be a high-quality PVC double-walled fabrication with acrylic “windows,” have quality rollers and hardware, and a metal handle, while a larger vinyl double-walled 48” x 96” door might cost a bit less because the grade of vinyl or latching mechanism may not be as good.

Where can you find the best prices?

Accordion doors are available at a number of retail venues – from home improvement to big-box stores. has a variety of accordion doors for different applications at competitive pricing, while a knowledgeable staff can answer any questions.

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How To Replace A Door Frame

How To Paint An Accordion Door

Like any other household door, accordion doors lose their aesthetic appeal with time. The color might not match your décor, or the surface may show wear and tear that you’d like to cover.

In most cases, even inexpensive accordion doors can be painted, giving them a fresh new look. If you want to paint an accordion door, follow these steps to get the job done.

accordion door

How To Install Accordion Doors

Accordion doors can be a low-cost solution for a variety of needs. For example, if you have a doorway that’s too small for a traditional door or too wide for a single door, these folding doors may be ideal. They also make excellent room dividers.

You can find accordion doors in a range of colors, materials, and styles, allowing you to choose an option that fits with your décor.

Installing an accordion door is pretty easy, so it’s well within the reach of most homeowners. It also only requires the use of some basic tools, so you won’t have to invest in costly equipment to get the job done right.

How to Install Double Accordion Doors

How To Install Double Accordion Doors

Installing double accordion doors can serve a number of functions in your home. They can cordon off a space for reasons ranging from energy conservation to privacy without sacrificing the floor space that a swinging door requires. In addition, because they're manufactured in a variety of finishes and colors, it's easy to find a set that will match most homes' décor or style.

While the actual installation might not be for beginners, moderately experienced DIYers can get the job done for a lot cheaper than paying a professional.

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Great Accordion Door

Accordion Glass Doors

Accordion glass doors are designed for use in large spaces around the home. The doors also add pizzazz to businesses of all types. Accordion glass doors can appear to be very “high class” by adding elegance anywhere they’re placed. Want to add this touch to your home? Just make this simple investment by installing accordion glass doors. The doors offer versatility that no other style offers, allowing you to open one panel or more, letting in the perfect amount of sunshine or air. Once you have these doors in your home, you’ll love the view you have and your pets will love you more too because they will have more time to lay in the sun. Furthermore, the glass style is recognized in the industry as the most innovative on the market today. But it is far more than aesthetics that make the accordion glass door an ideal option for homeowners. read more


Accordion Door Energy Demonstration


Range Of Accordion Door Prices

Frame Material

Variety Of Accordion Doors
white, brown and tan different accordion door styles side by side

Accordion Style Doors

Looking inside of your home or business, it is important to see there are so many options when it comes the doors you install. The interior of your home should all tie in together. You can make this happen. One of the ways you can do this is by installing accordion style doors. These are just some examples of the many reasons why you might want to use the accordion style doors. With a variety of finishes and hardware, you have many choices when installing accordion style doors inside your home or business. If you want interior doors with great features and looks, these doors can provide you with that. read more

Great for the Closets

large accordion doors with glass panels

Beneficial as Room Dividers

side opening accordion door

Works Well to Hide the Bookcase or Desk

center opening accordion door
Expensive Accordeon Doors Door

Accordion Door Prices

When you’re making home improvements, whether you’re just touching a few things or renovating the whole space, you can quickly become overwhelmed as the costs add up. You want to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck. So if you’re considering accordion doors, you have probably already starting pricing accordion doors. If you’re looking to save a little money on your home improvement projects, smartly priced accordion doors can be a good option. There are choices that are good quality and will provide the convenience you’re seeking without straining your wallet. read more

Talking About Tracks

Expensive Accordeon Doors Door

Construction Costs

Expensive Accordeon Doors Door

Choosing Color

Expensive Accordeon Doors Door
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