The 21st Century Doors:     
Wembly Arena,
London, England
Dec. 11, 2003

by Alex McCarthy

I'd collected pretty much as many live Doors recordings as I can get, played them on my stereo on full blast, having the neighbours complain everyday. When I heard The Doors where coming to London I immediately bought tickets even though I was testing the reality that Jim was not there, and times have changed where the concerts weren't going to riot any more. But when me and my mate arrived, both wearing Doors T-shirts and belt buckles, and we looked around and saw everyone wearing Doors T-shirts I knew from that point on I was home.

'We filed slowly, languidly into the hall, the auditorium was vast and silent," everyone sitting down chatting to strangers about The Doors, but suddenly a projected image of James Douglas Morrison evoked and from then on everyone was possessed by his powerful artistic mind and EVERYONE went wild. Ian Astbury looked and acted a dead ringer for Jim quoting lines from Jim's performances, Ray was full life getting into the old possessive spirit of The Doors (and magic mushrooms), and Robby's guitar skills have improved a lot since 67. The feeling that filled the hall was disbelief that at the fact that we were actually at a Doors concert, after listening to the live recordings so many times, even getting stoned to make me feel like I'm there, no one could believe that they were actually watching them live.

The song choices were great, almost off a 'Best Of' album. Even though my favourite song is 'When The Music's Over' which was a great version, nothing beat the atmosphere when they left the stage and everyone returning to their own souls slowly walking of, but only for the Doors to make a triumphant return into 'Soul Kitchen' where the guards were out numbered trying to stop everyone from standing on the seats, smoking and throwing their beer bottles around.

By the end it was a night to remember, I even woke up the next morning with bruised hands from clapping so much and sore throat from trying to do a piecing scream like Jim. Now I'm just waiting for the ceremony too reopen again because The Doors artistic power hasn't left yet and lets face it playing Jim is a hard job to do but Ian does the best job that could ever be done, so lets hope the music never ends.

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