A History of The Doors in our Movies
Year: Movie: Door Song Used: Addition added by:
1968 Who's That Knocking at My Door? The End Don Alex
1971 Two Lane Blacktop Moonlight Drive Furcick / Barcelles
1979 Apocalypse Now The End Duane Nees
1979 More American Graffiti Light My Fire Joe Holloway
1980 Altered States Light My Fire Brennan & DiBiase
1981 Neighbors Hello, I Love You Holloway & Edwards
1981 American Pop People Are Strange Mullen & DiBiase
1981 Taps Light My Fire David Miles
1983 S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders Gloria John Gulino
1984 Body Double The Spy Robin Mullen
1985 Sans toit ni loi Vagabond The Changeling Jacob Matthews
1986 Platoon Hello I Love You Lara & drsropn
1987 Gardens of Stone Break on Through Patton & Schafer
1987 Lost Boys People Are Strange too many to list
1987 Less Than Zero Moonlight Drive Soubiea / Knouse
1989 Casualties of War Hello I Love You Josh Patterson
1989 Rude Awakening Roadhouse Blues Galen Kogut
1989 Roadhouse Roadhouse Blues James Royle
1989 True Believer Crystal Ship Joe Dwyer
1990 Air America Love Me Two Times Mardy Toepke
1991 The Doors Too many to list Too many to list
1994 Forrest Gump Too many to list White / Patterson
1995 Strange Days Strange Days Jan Morris
1995 Basketball Diaries Riders On The Storm Steph & Anita Simons
1996 Strange Days Strange Days Milkes / Simons
1996 Joe's Apartment Light My Fire Robert Graham
1998 Waterboy Peace Frog Chassin & Yanke
1999 Girl Interrupted Roadhouse Blues Finduin & Lara
1999 Road Rage Riders On The Storm Barry Hale
1999 Those Who Love Me Can Take The Train People Are Strange Jan Morris
2000 Cast Away Light My Fire Linda Croulet
2001 Monsters Inc Break On Through Ida Miller &
Leslie Bode
2002 Banger Sisters Crystal Ship Elif Raynor
2003 School of Rock Touch Me Rush Pedder
2004 The Dreamers Maggie M'Gill
The Spy
Jan Morris

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