The Doors: Fairfield University, CT
- May 9, 1970 -

This much anticipated show was purportedly cancelled due to a management dispute over the audience capacity, but the campus newspaper's front-page headlines announced that the concert had been cancelled after an emergency meeting of the board of trustees to prevent The Doors from appearing at the upcoming gig.
Following that session the board issued a statement:
"It is not in the best interests of the Fairfield community to have as its star attraction at spring weekend a person such as Mr. James Douglas Morrison."
The statement went on to warn that "undesirable and immoral elements might infiltrate the campus under the guise of watching the concert." The cancellation created enough of an uproar to warrant coverage by the New York Times when approximately half of the student body protested with a boycott and called for the resignation of the university's president. After the uproar, refund were given for all returned tickets sold and the event silently became another chapter in Doors history.

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* The exerpt (above-left) was taken in part from 'The Doors On The Road' by Greg Shaw. Click for info on this book

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