How to get a FREE Ipod!

Thanks for checking this page out! I'm going to show you a way to get a free 64gb iPod Touch. I have broken it down step by step to show how easy this process can be. The internet can be a dangerous place for scams but I can assure you this is not a scam. If you want more proof than my word, just search "free ipod" on youtube and hear about all the success stories...just be sure to come back here to click on the link below to proceed.
The first step to receiving your free iPod touch is to go to this website.:

The second step is select a gift YOU would want to get free and enter your e-mail address in the sign up box.

The third step is to fill out your information. Be sure to fill it out using a valid email address and especially a correct home address ... because this is where your gift will eventually be sent!

The fourth step is to complete an offer. There are two systems that they use to track offers through, choose the 'Referrals' (it's a lot easier!) Then click on the 'Offers' tab on the top of the page, and select 'Level A Offers'. Choose 'Most Popular'. This brings the best offers up to the top. I would recommend either choosing the Netflix, Blockbuster, or Gamefly offers, but there may be something else that suites you better, so feel free to look through everything. If you are interested in obtaining another charge card, these offers look sweet!

My favorite offer is from Netflix which costs $8.99. It will however take a few weeks to complete. Netflix gives you your first two weeks free, then they charge your card for the following month (which is $8.99 a month for their basic plan) You will receive your credit toward your free ipod when your card is charged for the first month. This is when we will get our credit for signing you up as well.
Be sure that if you are purchasing a membership type offer like this that you make a note on your calendar to cancel the service after you have been charged for that first month and receive your ipod credit...unless of course, you want to keep using their service.

Finally... you have to refer 8 other people using the referral number given to you. Ways to get referrals are to create a blog, add a page onto your existing website, or tell your friends about this through Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc... Once you log in, you're personal progress page will show you how!

Be warned, it can take several months to get your free ipod...But if you really work on it, time can be substantially shortened! I have seen others get their free ipod Touch within a couple of weeks! If you don't want to wait, go ahead and spend $350. But this way is worth your time! Offers are good only in the US and Canada.

Now go to this website and sign up to get your FREE 64gb IPOD TOUCH!

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